I heard behind the sound,Run, don’t dare to look back,Running the shank,Counter-hand,Back against death。
“Coming,Come to people!”
Be awkward!
Zombie hands pointed through the door,Slave the shoulder,All-claw embedding,Splashing large blood。
Has hurts, screaming,I only feel that my bones must be crushed.,If you don’t have a while, you will die.。
The housekeeper of the house heard the movement,Run over and pull,Because of the door,They don’t know what to catch their own masters.,I thought it was a thief.。
“Force,I will pull the old man.。”
“what happened,Force,Don’t you eat??”
“Not good,Master is fainted。”
Human power and zombie,A group of people are tired of sweating and don’t pick up,The latter hurts a few times,Calling no longer。
Zombie hits the door,Containment,Lifting together on the top,It’s so old,Drink a drop of blood。
Everyone sees the horror level,Scared wow,Even rolling,It is dead if it is no longer。
critical moment,Two money swords quickly hit,Nail on the zombie。
Zombie,Relainant to throw the door panel and start out,Turn around,Roar。
Liao Wenjie is stunned in the window,Past asthorn,Lose,The burst of copper roller,I know like this early.,Say what you have to make Nine Uncle。
He holds the wall,Panting:“Old man,The stick under the bottom of the stick,But you can’t fight。Listen to me a sentence,Don’t be so big,Let’s be a little older.,Just fight for two or three hours.。”
Zombie vertical claw,Plug in the nonsense 啰 啰 文杰,Seeing Liao Wenjie opened black cloth,Out of a few bright money swords,When stopped。
“Old man,Standing and talking,It is better to sit down and talk slowly.。If you feel that the children are not filial,Nine uncles waiting later,He personally hosted the fairness, not afraid to tell you,His people see money,You give more,He is sure you win。”
Liao Wenjie, let’s say it.,Regarer, no matter whether the zombie does not understand,A word,drag。
Drag to Nine Uncle’s relay。
Zombie can’t dare to go forward,Slee Liao Wenjie,Serve as a hair。
Ren send a victim,I got awareness,Lying on the ground at this moment,Distance to the father and son a few mouthfuls。
Liao Wenjie does not have hesitation,Throw two money swords to the zombie,Then I mentioned the wood sword of Nine Uncle into the study.。
Justice,At this time!
Never want to,Zombie Essay,Running attack attack,Waiting to the money sword,A jump avoided,Double pedal straight in Liao Wenjie。
Speed is too fast,Liao Wenjie only saw the black shadow,The next consciousness, the wood sword is piercing。
Wooden swords arrived in the zombie brain,Due to the Implementation of Nine Uncle,Have a red light skyrocket,The soldering iron generally played zombies forehead to smoke。
Yinfeng,Liao Wenjie only feels that the zombie odor is not audible,The mouth is full of mouth,Hand grip,Want to push zombies。
Be awkward!
Wooden sword,Heavy and negative break,Zombie fierce,Two paws,怼 in the chest of Liao Wenjie。