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[Abstract] Recently, the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee Propaganda Department, the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee Civilization Office, the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, the Communist Party of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Student Federation issued "About 2021 Shaanxi University Students Volunteers Summer Culture Science and Technology Health "Sanxiang" Social Practice Activities Advanced Collective, Advanced Personal Personal Notification "(Shaanxi Unicard [2021] No. 48) documents.

Recently, the Ministry of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee Civilization Office, the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, the Communist Party of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Student Federation Download "About 2021 Shaanxi University Student Volunteers Summer Cultural Science and Technology Health "Three Township" Social Practice Activities Advanced Collective, Advanced Individuals "(Shaanxi Community [2021] No. 48) documents. Among them, Xi’an Xihua College won the honorary title of "Sanxiang" Social Practice "Provincial Demonstration School", "Sanxiang" Social Practice, "Sanxiang" Social Practice "," Sanxiang "Social Practice", "Sanxiang University", and Xi’an Xikang College Camper Team "honor title, Xi’an Xihua University Popular Propaganda Practice, Xi’an Xihua College Youth Observer Practice Tour" title, Wu Xiaoqing, Secretary of the School of Medical College, Mi Xiaoyu, the head of the Major Magnimension (Accounting and Finance College), Sunshine Growth Service Team Practice Team Wei Yonghao Classics (Intelligent Science and Information Engineering "won the honorary title of" Provincial Advanced Individual ". Xi’an Xihua College held a 2021 Sanxiang County Foundation Ceremony School to establish 210 parent teams around the support of the support, volunteer service, science and technology, and rural residence, and more than 3,500 participants. Full summary, concise, social practice results 2021 Xi’an Xihua College Summer Social Practice Achievement Wenhui General Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Social Practice Establish Practical Base A total of more than 100 The media reported more than 650 reports were published by the media level.

All practical teams have a total of 156 videos, shooting 3864 photos, writing 4,276 reputation logs, and the text is tired.

The "Xi’an Peihua College 2021 Social Practice Sanxiang – Practice Team Wind Town" and other four practices, forming social practice logs, and more than 1,000 experiences. As of now, 2021 Sanxiang Township has received 1 national honor, and 9 provincial honors.

The school’s 2021, three-pointed social practice footprint distribution map party and government attaches great importance to the departmental linkage guarantee practice school established the deputy secretary of the party committee and deputy director Yao Wenjing as a leader, the school group committee, the school department, the Academic Administration Management Center, Party Committee Propaganda Department , The leadership group of the main person in charge of the Admissions and Employment Guidance Center, the principal office, the secondary college and other units. The relevant leadership groups also set up relevant leadership groups to mobilize the development of summer resource services. At the same time, we purchase insurance and safe training for all practices, and do double guarantees for safety training and funding support. The school-institution-class (journalial organization) three-level promotion system, mobilized students to participate actively through a number of activities such as preaching, theme group day. Luo Xinyuan, the school party secretary Luo Xinyuan, visited the Party Committee of the Summer Social Practice Team School Party Committee in Yulin City, Ziyuan, Yulin City, and Vice President Yao Wenjing participated in the Campus Activity "Tendering Dream" Volunteer Service Team held by the Children’s Social Practice Team. Together with local left-behind children, the Practice Team of the Military National Memory (Percutaneous) Practice Team went to Xunyi County, Shaanxi Province to visit the revolutionary predecessors to help epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the responsibility service society 2021 schools to carry out 210 teams, in the epidemic prevention and control Under the specific requirements, more than 3,500 students in the school launched inline social practice work. In 2021, the special funds for Sanxiang Township have specially allocated a mask, avoiding materials such as a mask, free to wash the drug and other materials, and guaranteeing the health and safety of students from time to time.

More than 500 students returned to their hometown and assist in participating in the household visit, information investigation, etc.

Xi’an Xihua College practitioners actively participated in the prevention and control work of our hometown, and the village resolution contributed to the "scientific and technological poverty alleviation, medical health poverty alleviation, poverty culture and poverty, investigate rural development".

The Sunshine Growth Service Team launched the "emergency rescue" medical knowledge training in Yan’an City, and 110,000 people were interviewed.

The Popular Propaganda Practice launched a public publicity in Luanshui County, Shangluo City, visiting the households and 360 residents, covering more than 1300 people. Youth Song Volunteer Service Team, Aikang Social Practice Health Service Team, Nine-Dinggher Nursing Volunteer Service Team, Test Youth Social Practice Team, the Color Youth Social Practice Team, is Yulin Zizhou, Yan’an Anders, Baoji, Xianyang Quanhua and other counties and districts provide shoulder and neck massage services, including 2,000 people. The Youth Song Volunteers went deep into Yulin City, Zizhou County, Guyuan, Guardian, was launched for medical health knowledge preaching, grassroots medical research and service residential health project. During the project practice, 513 health survey questions were issued, 825 blood pressure measurements. 746 blood glucose measuring tables, and 478 cases were received by social practice activities.

The school carries out the medical dwedn social practice school practice team members use professional specialties to carry out the wall painting, help rural rejuvenation into talents, innovative practice, to promote the important role of the second class of transcripts, and introduce social practice into talent training In the system, the summer social practice became a university compulsory course. At the same time, actively build the "Double Tutor" Practice Team jointly guided by the academic tutor and the counselor teacher.

Associate Professor Zhao Jie, deputy dean of Humanities and International Education, director Ma Yali, and Dr. Ma Yale, a major training, business guidance, business guidance, to formulate strict training outlines to ensure the level of practice. The school practice team helps local education and science and technology Xingnong volunteer service activities school practice team to help the local development of science and technology, Xiangxiang volunteer service activities, cooperate to build an educational base school fully attach importance to school linkage, resource sharing.

The summer social practice established 13 practical bases, received the practice proven from governments from all levels and institutions, thanks to the credit workers.

Schools have established internship training, volunteer service, medical education, and general practice platform for internship training, volunteer service, medical education, and publicity publicity, and promoted social practice bases. The School Practice Team establishes a social practice base base in practice services in practice.