Shandong strengthens 24-hour joint duty to ensure the flood control safety of the Yellow River Shandong section

Original title: Shandong strengthens the 24-hour joint duty to ensure that the flood control safety of the Yellow River Shandong section is affected by the high-and-lowering high-and-lowering high-and-lowering high-and-lowering reaches of the Yellow River Basin, and the Yellow River Shandong section ushered in the large flow flood process.

On the afternoon of July 21, Shandong Provincial Prevention finger urgently held the Flood Conference Chamber of Commerce, organizes the Provincial Water Resources Department, Provincial Emergency Hall, Shandong Huanghe River Affairs Bureau, Provincial Meteorological Bureau and other departments to hold the meeting, in recent floods, especially the flood downstream floods in the Yellow River Defense work carrier, research proposes to prevent counterfeit measures. After the meeting, the provincial defense finger was issued in the night, "recent flood control situation and the anti-changing Yellow River downstream flood meeting", made clear requirements for flood defense.

First, strengthen the patrol of the Yellow River Project.

All levels of Yellow River River Affairs Department, along the Huang County County to do a good job in inspections and rescue work, especially the dancing sections of Heze, Jinan, Dongying, etc. Early care to ensure safety.

The second is to strengthen the operation management of the Yellow River pontoon.

When the flow rate of the pontoon bridge reaches the specified flow, decisive tissue is removed.

The third is to do a good job in commissioning. To develop according to the development of the water, always do a good job in the Yellow River Beach District, the accumulation of Hong Kong, and the transition of the Hongdong personnel transfer preparation, refine the solidification and transfer of the avoidance plan, ensuring that no one is allowed to leak one household.

The fourth is to set off the preparation of the flood prevention materials, strengthen the Huanghe flood control team equipment equipment, personnel training and practical drills, improve the Huanghe rescue level, "pulled out, grab, and win".

The fifth is to pay close attention to the development of the Weiwei South Canal, strengthen communication, close attention to water conditions, and timely release the warning, start the response, and ensure the safety of the Weiwei South Canal.

Sixth is highly concerned about the province’s reservoir, river water, timely premature premissions, flooding, keeping flood control capacity, and ensuring that the river bank is smooth.

Seven is to strengthen the 24-hour joint value of the flood season, resolutely put an end to offensive, leaking the phenomenon, serious flood control work discipline. Provincial defense refers to closely track the flood evolution process, consolidating various flood prevention measures, and resolutely holds the bottom line of the people’s lives to ensure the flood safety of the Yellow River.

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