China "Jin" is concerned about "coal boss" energy insurance record high quality development exploration

  In October this year, Shanxi has continued to rain, and Yan Jiaying Village is one of the seriously affected areas.

More than 200 houses in the village. Although the house of Changrun’s house is relatively high, the rain still flows into the house. The damage caused by natural disasters has not been repaired, and it is encountered to cool down and snow, in order to ensure the warmth of the affected people, Qingxu County launches 8 counties direct units to help Yan Jiaying Village. "The house identification, the repair of the equipment is quickly carried out, and the living materials in the winter need to be guaranteed by donation. The current main task is to identify the village as a housing rapid removal reconstruction of the dangerous house.

"Hou Yutong in the county said. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jinyu) As of now, the article spreads a total of 49 copies on the Internet. Among them, November 12 is the peak period of spread, a total of 27 articles. In the case of the information release of the source, the proportion of news information is the largest, followed by the APP and WeChat, accounting for%,%,%. (Data Source: Xinhua Ruixi · Digital Smart Analysis Platform) Communication Trend Communication Source Distribution .