Academician Yu Menglun: Versterken van het basisonderzoek om het technische probleem van "kaarthals" op te lossen

Het netwerk van mensen Beijing 25 september (Prins Zhang Gui Guihou) "heeft het vertrouwen en de vastberadenheid strikt bepaald om onderzoek en onderzoek voort te zetten. In het aangezicht van felle internationale concurrentie en de blokkade van sommige belangrijke technologie?n en kernapparaten, moeten de wetenschappers van mijn land op eigen handen vertrouwen, vertrouwen op de […]

Turn old as the old "rust" is "show" (struggle for hundreds of years, the new journey, I am working in Xiaoyang)

Original title: Complete the old change "rust" is "show" (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, the heart, Xiaoyang) is far away, the sawtooth roof, the old red brick wall, is fraudulently visible to the factory; Look, the simple industrial style is reflected in the design of fashion. Here is the cotton 3 […]

A resource library built safety island (economic focus, hit seed industry turned over 3)

  Figure 1: Tianfu Modern Symnary Park Bullet Chart.   Profile picture Figure 2: Local farmers work in the Triadawa of Tianfu Modern Symnium.   Chen Jie (People Vision) Core reading is especially critical for breeding. As early as 2018, Sichuan Province launched a rural germplasm system survey and rescue collection actions, collecting and collected thousands of resources. […]

Sinopec is "refueling" into the Jilin Province Songhua Stone Industry

  In April 2018, in the "100 central enterprises walked into Jilin" activities, the State Council, the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee proposed that the central enterprises must promote the drain soldiers and main army of economic high-quality development, and strive to promote the Jilin economy to achieve high quality development, and central enterprises must actually play […]

Treasure "hidden" story | ‘or days of His Career ": employment aid Tibet Tibetan youth to a broader world

"Tibet’s peaceful liberation and prosperity," the White Paper revealed that about 10% or more per year outside of the Tibetan nationality selection area college students’ employment.   According to the Tibet Autonomous Region Human Resources and Social Security Department introduced, since 2012 employment aid work started, the central state organs, 17 provinces and municipalities and their […]