And Qin Hao heard all this,Leidenka and Kakashi went back to their rooms on their own。

Then came the clear sound of the cup being broken。 “I killed him,Actually deducted my goods,Black eat black,This trick is pretty awkward,Then we see who has played。” There was a roar from inside,No one responded to him。 “Copy guy,Go to the market with me,”Scorpion finished,Came out of the inner house immediately。 This time is a […]

Because Li Tianzhen is very cooperative,There is no direct evidence that he was involved in Yuxing’s illegal activities.,So the police only temporarily restricted his freedom,Did not treat him as a suspect。

Shen Yingjie first found Li Tianzhi,He is sitting in a single cell in a daze。 I wanted to have a good chat,Advise this guy not to be so impulsive,Also inform the instructor of the change in attitude,But Li Tianzhen’s performance made Shen Yingjie overwhelmed,Although there is no cynicism,But keep sneer,So she hurriedly said a few […]

When Han Tianshan’s words are finished,Those around,One after another, looking towards this side。

obviously,Such a thing,What will it represent。 Actually just this,It’s already obvious。 And Han Tianshan looked over here,I don’t forget to talk to the people around me。 “All right,Now words,Things are almost dealt with。” “But then,What should I do,I miss you all,It should be clearer than me!” When Han Tianshan did not forget to speak directly […]

If it weren’t for owning a king-level dragon now,Indirectly improve their insight,I can’t even notice her hidden cultivation base。

No wonder the imperial capital will send her。 Her sword realm is extraordinary and holy,Now the cultivation base has reached the king level,Strength is more terrifying! ———— First345chapter Like people “Pu Shiming,I have something to say with Zhu Minglang,You go to the water to check。”Zhu Xuehen said to Pu Shiming。 Pu Shiming glanced at them,Nodded,Walked […]

1182 Reward

The penalty head said with a smile:“If the enemy wants to forcefully break into the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion,No guards can stop it,Do you think it is useful to arrange a master here?” Indeed,With the various formations and Minggang of the City Lord’s Mansion、Secret whistle,If anyone can come in,It is estimated that Baiyun City has already […]

When Sun He’s words are finished,Those around,Nodded again and again。

Other things,Actually, there is nothing to entangle with for the time being。 But from the current level,How to solve it。 These things,It’s very important。 And looking at it all,Now,Sun He is very calm。 “But now,Actually other things,For the time being, there is nothing to entangle。” “Start now,Everyone, hurry up and prepare,this matter,I miss you all,Should […]

According to this logic,Should Qin Feng give others a knife?,Then he sent the person to the hospital?

Seeing Qin Feng reporting law enforcement,Lin Qingwei didn’t know what to say for a while。 Because she really didn’t expect Qin Feng’s personality to be so unique。 According to her previous assumptions,She and Qin Feng should be able to have a good talk。 Jiang Yan’s heart is like eating ice cream in dog days,But she […]

Actually,Recently,Not many villagers are free,Every family has a lot to do。

After leaving this family,Ye Meicai asked,How valuable is that food box。Before in other people’s home,In front of the original owner,Sorry to ask。 If it’s not very expensive,Too valuable,I’m afraid the family is upset。 “That is a food box from the Qing Dynasty,Made of red sandalwood,Ivory trim,I also met for the first time。According to the material […]

Pause time,There was a hum of discussion all around。

“This kid doesn’t look like he’s just talking,Is there really something else hidden??”Someone asked softly。 “Maosen has always had a good reputation,Shouldn’t be!”Someone sighed。 “Hard to say,The kid doesn’t look fake,It should be really going to kill Maosen!Moreover,Mausen captured the live body of the mutant queen bee,The ghost knows if he did something ignorant of […]