They followed but for the benefit after the pirate fight,If Leo doesn’t make a move,Didn’t they just drank northwest wind this trip。

Even some sub-officers have thrown out some benefits,After compromise,Only then won this battle with Leo。 Leo doesn’t do it,Not only did they not earn,Still blood loss。 Countless thoughts flashed through a group of people。 Leo is not in a hurry,This group of navy must be more urgent than him。 “Since Major Leo wants to rescue […]


First hypothesis,After saving people,Yourself, yourself! At that time, the people of Shaishan sent no evidence.,How can I? This is also the heart of the heart.,I haven’t doubt it yet.,There is no magic from the head to the end.,It is the self-guided self-director of Lushan。 Moreover, it is a Chu Deiren,Also use and talk about the […]

“But not,Physical surgery is from the outside to the inside,Cultivation is not only slow,It also consumes ten times more medicinal support than the warrior inside。”

The practice of physical skills is not to be seen on the earth,It’s the same in the prehistoric continent。 The main reason is just two points:One is the large amount of medicinal materials consumed;The second is too difficult to practice,No masochistic temperament,Most people don’t have the courage to practice! At the beginning of general physical […]

“I do not know how it is……Gou Hui investigated me。Now Gou Shengtian also knows about me……I’m completely finished!”

Xu Chao helplessly。 “Dongwoo was your best chance……But you are not sure!right now,You can’t do anything about Gou’s family……You still think about continuing to study,Come back when the time is right! I’ll arrange it for you then!” Xu Zhilin said solemnly。 “How long will it take?” Xu Chao asked。 “Study for a year,Talk about other […]

Hu Yang explained to them,This is a special variety of bloodstone:“Like this one,What you see,The skin is the same as snake skin。”

That skin looks,Brownish yellow or blue gray,Slightly crispy,A list of different sizes of crystals,White sand。 “Yes!It looks like,The quality is pretty good,It’s not far behind the big red robe solved by Brother Hu before。We are so lucky,I don’t know how many there are。”Lao Zhou said excitedly。 “Is this a frozen rock??”Xiao Gao asked。 “Ok!Yes!” Populus […]

boom!The fire is soaring into the sky,The tank platform was penetrated by a large hole about ten meters in diameter,The platform suddenly fell apart,Whether it’s a tank,Or the soldier attached to the platform,Heavy casualties。

At this moment,The soldiers of Tie Qin Kingdom saw it with horror,From high above the clouds,The huge hull faintly exposed。 “Dai Zong ship!Oh my god!This is a space-class floating warship!” “Are Ye Koreans crazy??How could the universe-class floating battleship be transferred to the Jinghu defense line??” however,What makes them even more unexpected is,Gradually revealing his […]

The audience in the live broadcast room once again lamented that Lao Zhao is the real local tyrant,This is a gamble!

People from Chow Tai Fook,Equally surprised!They naturally know Xin Zhao,I once snatched a quick emperor green from him,Made more than 200 million,Their company’s momentary beauty talk。 “It’s him!That upstart?” Say Lao Zhao is a nouveau riche,Nothing wrong。Wealth of his family,After the reform and opening up,Suddenly broke out,It’s the spring breeze of reform and opening up,The […]

Feng Xiangdong gave a wry smile,Said:“Actually,If you choose Line 1,The province can only take out2000Ten thousand,Other required funds,To fight for the country,At the same time make eyebrows@mountain、should@The governments of Binh and Binh will include this project in next year’s government budget,List part of the special funds。”

Finished,I’m afraid Chen Geng will not believe me,Feng Xiangdong hurriedly explained:“Mr. Chen,Province is really difficult,This money was collected by a few leaders in the province from their own special finances.。” “……” Chen Geng is speechless,He knew that the economy of Bashu area was very difficult at this time,But he didn’t know how difficult it was:A […]

So-so,After helping Xin Zhao soak his feet casually,Wait until Qiangwei helps Lena wash her feet,Qilin got up too。

To this,Xin Zhao did not ask too much,Qilin can fulfill the bet well,Even great。 “OK OK,I’ll sit for a while,You two go out first!”Lena sitting on the chair and waving her hand,Sitting there with Ge You paralyzed,And Xin Zhao lay directly on the bed,It looks like I’m going to fall asleep soon。 Of course Qilin […]