This IQ,According to her claim,Is the daughter of the hell king。

Liao Jie suspected that she was still in the middle of the year.,Be fell by hell king,More than once。 “Two,Let me talk about what I am here.,Five days ago,Hell Saint Fujiang attacked the exorcist family alliance headquarters,This is the beginning,Hell’s conspiracy layout emerges water surface”Liao Jie tells the intelligence in his hand with the most […]

This is Wright’s fifteenth time in the Sunset Mountains。

And when I first entered the Sunset Mountains,The temperament of the whole person is completely different。 When I first entered the Sunset Mountains,Wright is just a student of the Magic Academy,Although the strength is good,Also belong to the academy“Warlords”,But after all fledgling,Any adventurer or businessman with a sharp eye can see that he is immature。 […]

“Ok!Finished eating,Let’s split up,Go back to Chenzhuang together tomorrow morning,But the ugly words are ahead,I don’t care how you play,But the money spent has nothing to do with me”Wang Youcai said,Laughed。

At this time Wu Wu sent Niu Xiaohu away and returned,He sat on the chair next to Wang Youcai and said:“You give them money,Brothers are happy,Actually this is more affordable,Ate and drank,It’s like giving money to others” “But what else,Niu Xiaohu, you have to pay attention,I always think this kid will cause us trouble。How did […]

After the meeting,She wanted to go back to Pingzhen immediately,But when I thought of what Deputy Mayor Zhao said to her,Hesitated,I went to Deputy Mayor Chen’s office。

I didn’t expect when she went in,Secretary Li of Pingyang Town did not know what he was talking about with Deputy Mayor Chen?Anyway, two people are talking about laughing。 “Mayor Ouyang!Just want to call you,I didn’t expect you to come by yourself“Vice Mayor Chen raised his head,Chong Ouyang Hong said with a faint smile。 Ouyang […]

“brothers?Your brotherhood,Isn’t it too cheap??”Lu Menglin shook his head,Sneered。

“in fact,You guys are really not smart enough!I didn’t know I was led by the nose,So it should be lost to me。” Lu Menglin said that,His eyes fell on Mo Wen on the ground,Lightly:“When will you continue to install?” Mo Wen, who had been seriously injured and fell to the ground, suddenly laughed,Tao:“I didn’t want […]

It seems this Master Jingkong knows a lot,That’s why I have such big doubts。

Others saw him mutter to himself,Only when this old monk goes crazy,I didn’t have time to bother him。 in fact,No one knows,This Master Jingkong is not just a representative of Buddhism Zen,He still has an identity,Reincarnation,This monk is born with memories of his previous life,So I know much more than my peers,Also much deeper。 “And […]

Xia Chenglong’s eyes narrowed into a slit,The expression became tense all at once,Mo Qing and Mo Li are really right。

Xia Chenglong at this time has indeed suffered a very serious internal injury,Why it is now,Can travel from the sky,It’s completely supporting a force。 So Xia Chenglong didn’t speak at this time,Just staring at them two coldly。 “This time you are going to die,Can set off such a big storm in the Demon Realm,Send out […]

“The members of Luo Chen’s group can master that Fang Xiaoqian world,Become the lord of the world,Then find a way to regain aura in the world,As for how to do?I think Luo Chen group members can go to Yingzheng group members for help。”

“After all, the members of the Yingzheng group are the masters of a thousand worlds.,For this kind of thing,Or Yingzheng group members have experience,As for me,Forget it,I can at most give some ideas here,others,I can do nothing。” Jingtian looked at the Luo Chen group members in front of him,Calmly tell,These four methods,After he deliberated,Think of […]

“Didn’t you find a few gangster?Are you going to lock Yunyun in?!I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person,You are really not worthy of being a sister!”

Warm Nuan was once again refreshed by the shameless mother and daughter,Somewhat ridiculous,Could it be that if it wasn’t that I could protect myself,Isn’t it dead by Wen Yunyun now?? Now Yu Shan dare to accuse herself of cruelty,Unworthy to be a sister,Warm and warm, too lazy to reason with the dog,Left directly。 Yu Shan […]