Beijing Radio and Television Bureau: Documentary projects involved in stars or net red, strict management of commercial investment

  According to the State Administration of Radio and Television, the Beijing Bureau organizes the documentary industry association to issue a professional ethics and the construction initiative to the employee. The initiative said: Resist the vulgar content and enhance the quality of documentary image. Strictly manage commercial investment on documentary projects with stars or net red […]

Cheng Xueyuan attended the "Overseas Chinese Overseas", Overseas Friendship Seminar, and surveyed

Cheng Xueyuan also went to the "Hua Shang Daily" and the Bao Tower Art Museum. "Hua Shang Daily" is the capital of Huashang Media Group, from Shaanxi Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, and hosted by the city. Cheng Xueyuan visited Hua Shang Media Group Headquarters, Hua Shang Daily, Hua Shang.com, Second, Mita and Hua Shang, Excellence […]

Technology helps service trade transformation upgrade (on-site review)

  Adhere to independent innovation, promote new technologies, new models, new kinetic energy, can further promote the quality of economic development, efficiency change, dynamic change, and continuously enhance economic competitiveness, innovation, and risk ability into the National Convention Center 1 Exhibition Hall, a fully automatic nasopharyngeal sampling robot, can automate the cracking, calibration position, collecting samples […]