Beijing "Online Counseling-programma" Nieuwe regering, waardig om te raken

  Onlangs heeft de Offici?le Website van Municipal Education Commission COMMISSIE aangekondigd, de kennisgeving van de Commissie Beijing Municipal Education en het Beijing Finance Bureau over het afdrukken en distribueren van de "Peking Middle School Locenten Open Online Counseling Program (Trial)" (hierna "Plan" genoemd) . Dit "plan" heeft veel zware nieuwe initiatieven, zoals Beijing Construction Locerers […]

China Flower Slip Association die Kunstmatige Intelligente Industrie Alliance ondertekenen

Xinhua News Agency, 19 november, China De Chinese Flower Skating Association hield een ondertekeningsceremonie met Zhongguancun Missoral Artificial Intelligence Indance Alliance Alliance, in de toekomst, promoveerde de twee kanten gezamenlijk de intelligent, gedigitaliseerde, high-end en duurzame ontwikkeling van Chinese figuurschaatsen oefening .. Qi Chunli, Executive Deputy Director van Shitinghan District, Beijing, zei dat als de […]

Build a new type of police and enterprises in the "Private", they use their actions to help corporate development

People’s Network Beijing On November 15th, the electricity is striving to build a better, efficient rule of law business environment. Liaoning Tieling Municipal Public Security Bureau adheres to the construction of business environment as a central police and "one hand" project, adhere to the work of solving the masses "Pain points, difficulties, plug points" started, […]

17 high schools in Gansu Province are included in the High School Cultivation Plan

Original title: The 17 high schools in our province were listed on December 8, and the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Department of Education that 17 high schools in Gansu Province were included in the high school cultivation plan of Gansu Province. These advanced secondary schools are: Lanzhou, Gansu Province, Affiliated Middle School, Northwest […]

The freighter is in the Mazu Sea, and the rescue power of the two sides of the Mazu Sea will join hands with 11 falling cream.

Fuzhou maritime law enforcement officers carried out on-site search and residence.Fuzhou Maritime Safety Administration, on the morning of the 17th, Fuzhou Maritime Search and Help Center received danger alarm, Jiujiang’s cargo ship "Hong Yun 58" round in Madao is in the south of Jihairi waters, there is a risk of sinking, there are 11crew.After receiving […]

The structural opportunity of medical stocks next year or from prior, the vaccine stocks should desalinate the epidemic expectations, focusing the main business

Red Weekly Special | Yang Yong Nianxiao Structural Opportunity Or Objective In the Observer, although this year’s medical white horse faucet is sharply turned sharply, from investment logic, my country’s population aging is intensified, urbanization levels continue to improve, medical security system It is increasingly perfect, and medical innovation has gradually become the main one […]

Signed a verbin

People’s Network Chengdu September 22 electricity Yangshi Yanjiang District held a funding agreement for the major infrastructure project investment agreement, China Railway Sixth Bureau Group Taiyuan Railway Construction Co., Ltd. signed a framework investment agreement with the Yansheng People’s Government, China Sixth Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and Yanjiang District Tengyan Traffic Construction Group Co., Ltd., […]

The "Spiritual Power of the Soul" symposium held in Jiangxi

  Zhilai, deputy professor, deputy professor of the Central Party School (National Administration), further explained the "Chinese Spirit" in the statement, "China’s spirit" has five characteristics: people’s sex – always breathe with the people, Destination, heart-hearted; practical – the party leading the people’s socialist modernization, the great practice of struggle for a better life; guiding sex […]

People’s Daily News

People’s Daily Introduction People’s Daily (PeopleSDaily) is a China Communist Party Central Committee Office.On June 15, 1948, Comrade Mao Zedong wrote a header for the People’s Daily on June 15, 1948.On March 15, 1949, the People’s Daily moved into Beijing (the North Ping at the time). On August 1, the CPC Central Committee decided to […]