Muffler is installed on the pistol,Although it is impossible to silence the sound completely,But weaken the gunfire after the change,More similar to the sound of closing a door hard。

Wang Hong suddenly felt a sharp pain in his arm,Then it realized that someone shot! Lin Cheng sees that Wang Hong is not afraid of slashing,I thought he was wearing an anti-hacking suit,So I want to shoot the opponent’s head。 Wang Hong just turned around and hit someone,The bullet hit his raised arm instantly。 “hiss,Careless,The […]

Li Dongmei poured water on Xia Jian,Said with a smile:“Isn’t someone in our village looking for you this afternoon??What did you say,You will definitely come to our Hejiaping Village tonight,Let me wait for you”

“Oh!Village Chief He is really not easy!”There is something in Xia Jian’s words。 Li Dongmei did not speak,He twisted his ass and sat on the sofa opposite Xia Jian,She cocked Erlang’s legs skillfully,Looks very nice。Xia Jian discovered,Li Dongmei has changed into a very leisurely suit,She has a little seductive body,Wrapped in this suit,Curved。 “Mayor Xia!You […]

Lee Dongmin is busy cooking,Asked while smiling:“Why are you here suddenly?Is there something important?”

“Can’t you come over and see you?”Xia Jian was laughing,Stood up,He walked back and forth in Li Dongmin’s yard two times,Can’t help but shook his head。In such a big yard,Except for the two bunches of corn hanging under the eaves,He never saw anything of value。 Lee Dongmin took a breath and said:“Unfortunately, you still remember […]

From the city hall,Tong Jie is going to get the cooperative’s business license and tax certificate。Xia Jian wanted to find Bai Xiaoru from the provincial newspaper,So he and Tong Jie separated,Scheduled a phone call。

The reporter station of the provincial newspaper in Pingdu is located in the municipal party committee compound,Xia Jian came to the Municipal Party Committee,But he didn’t know that the provincial reporter station would also be in this yard。 Registered with the guard,Xia Jian followed Eemon’s instructions,Hurried upstairs,On the third floor, Xia Jian saw Bai Xiaoru […]

The two began to play swords,This is a speed competition,Including the speed of body and sword moves,Only the perfect combination of the two can achieve unexpected results。

So their figures almost turned into phantoms in everyone’s eyes,Only the sound of a sword colliding with a sword,Nothing else。 “Clang,Clang……” The firelight appeared in an instant,Then appeared in another direction,Among them, you need to control the entire time and space to the point of perfection to survive.。 At this point,The battle between them is […]

really,Dark monster not only has a chance to burst out skill books,Can really explode the equipment,This is exactly the same as in the game。Lu Menglin secretly guessed。

At this moment,Suddenly a system reminder sounded in his mind。 “Monster Siege is over,Defending the city mission completed。Whether to receive task rewards?” Of course Lu Menglin won’t be polite,Pick up。 “Ding!Strengthen the defense power of the city by 30%,Automatically turn on the banned space transmission function。” Hear this task reward prompt,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but […]

“Really give money!”Liu Taosheng was surprised。

Lu Menglin nodded,Laugh without talking。 Kim So Yeon blinked aside,This occasion,She definitely wouldn’t say anything,But she agrees with Lu Menglin’s approach,Give money to bring people back,People are the most important,Money is just something outside of the body。 This is probably the thinking of the rich,In the eyes of poor students like Liu Taosheng,Shouldn’t go to […]

Or I was sent a wrong signal from the beginning,That organization is not a fraternity,But it must be a very scary existence!

I said these things,Netizens still can’t believe it,This is real! Everyone generally thinks,The Brotherhood is a legendary existence! ———— Body volume ———— Chapter One:Belated goldfinger Juxia City。 It’s July,Scorching sun,People come and go on the street,Constant stream。 It seems that this hot summer has not brought any obstacles to people,Young and beautiful girls in shorts,Wearing […]


Chapter Three Hundred and Fourteen Confront the dragon head After the first wave of powder sprayed by myself was in vain,Mo Mo started planning to use his body as bait。 no way,Dealing with the older generation of people in the arena,It’s hard to expect any gain without taking a little risk。 And Mo Mo is […]