Originally clear sky,Suddenly a few black clouds emerged。These black clouds spread quickly,The light of my eyes blocked the sun。

Xia Jian suddenly turned around,He said with all his feelings:“The power of management within the group is too concentrated,This is not conducive to mutual supervision。Some people’s rights inflated,Began to seek personal gain,This is a bad momentum“ “Ok!I also found,Thinking about free time,Let’s study this matter carefully。Since you also found the problem,When this matter is over […]

“My condition is the manager of the hotel,At the same time, I can don’t intervene.,But I need to manage,Each month’s basic salary 20,000 plus commission。”

This condition is,Lee is still acceptable。 But think of the blood of the other party,He didn’t dare to rest assured that the other party came to do。 “You can promise you,But you can’t intervene in accounting work,At least every money, the expenditure needs to pass the consent of sweet sister。” When I said this,Li Hui […]

”what’s the situation?Who is so boring,Even Murakami has to intervene in the election of officials?“Xia Jian is a little angry。

Secretary Wang sighed and said:”This person is so boring,Not only can I tell you his name,Let alone reject him,So I am a little bit difficult“ ”okay!Don’t worry about Hejiaping Village,I will go to their village now,Convene a meeting of party members,Immediately hold democratic elections,The villagers choose whoever,You and I don’t worry about this anymore“Xia Jian […]

The old man stared at Wu Fang with muddy eyes,Don’t seem to understand,Then he pointed his finger to his ear,Shook his head again,Express not understanding。

———— Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Seven Xu Wen’s suggestion I rely on,Just pretend,Wu Fang burst into an unknown fire in his heart,Raise the voiceNdegree,“I want to buy wood carving,Is there anyone responsible in the factory??Who is suitable?” The eyes of the old man suddenly widened,But still lacking,Soon he shook his head and said he […]

Not just they know,I believe the senior leaders of these opposition parties also seem to understand。

But they are like cats and mice,Play with them。 This feeling makes Qin Hao very uncomfortable,Although he knows that something unexpected will happen next。 But he always feels,The whereabouts of my own pedestrian are all seen by the opposition high-level。 Qin Hao vaguely felt,They may be in greater trouble。 According to the opposition’s deployment in […]

Under the activation of predictive skills,Qin Feng directly put down the person who wanted to make a fool of him,Qin Feng had the ability to kill opponents.。But he just knocked the opponent out。

As for the remaining one,Because I didn’t expect Qin Feng to change his tricks suddenly,And was distracted by the sudden change。the most important is,He never thought that his attack would be completely affected by Qin Feng“see through”。So it was natural that Qin Feng let go and restrained it。 “too weak!” After speaking,Qin Feng knocked him […]

However, history seems to have another big joke with Qiao Tianyu,Unfortunately, Qiao Tianyu was quoted again this time。

Qiao Tianyu’s voice just fell,The four major financial market monitors surrounding the command hall all sounded the alarm,Crazy toss from the foreign exchange market****Start,Bond market、The stock market and futures markets have also joined the ranks of selling。 The four major financial markets are all green,Then bond market、Stock market suspension,Huge short contracts in the futures market,RMB […]

And Ge Xiaolun looked at Qiangwei affectionately,He found that after Qiangwei put on some makeup,That looks more beautiful。

As for Xin Zhao sending a message to Qilin,Send if you love it,And won’t let him pay the phone bill,What is he worried about! …… “Promise Kendo!” Treat one’s comrade-in-arms and apprentice,Wu Jiyi directly used his big move,Then Osok,Li Feifei was beaten up and down,Finally fell to the ground。 “master,Just a training,Are you using such […]