2021 HU Run Female Entrepreneur Lijst Release: Een vrouwelijke rijk aan Shaanxi Plaatsen rijkdom is 23 miljard yuan hu run vrouwelijke ondernemer – Nieuws

  Onlangs heeft HU LUN Institute de "2021 HU Run-familielijst" uitgegeven, de totale rijkdom van 50 vrouwelijke ondernemers in de lijst is biljoen, hetzelfde als vorig jaar. Onder hen heeft 31 rijkdom vorig jaar toegenomen, waarvan er 18 nieuw waren. 39 Rijkdom krimpt vorig jaar, waarvan 20 dit jaar landde. De gemiddelde leeftijd van de vrouwelijke […]

Approaching Winter Olympics facility first-class look forward to dreaming Beijing

Original title: Approaching Winter Olympics | Facilities First-class Look forward to Round Dream Beijing – Interview with Australian Winter Olympics, head of Australia, Winter Olympics, heads, heads, heads, recently, recently received an interview with Xinhua News Agency, from Australia The player’s feedback on the test competition in Beijing, the facilities of the Winter Olympics are […]

At the special year of this start, Li Qiang and the head of the head of the company in Shanghai

Li Qiang expressed his gratitude to the central media as a help support provided by Shanghai to promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. He said that the central media is not only the reporters of Shanghai, but also the witnesses, but also participants, dedication. Everyone goes deep into the grassroots level, […]

Ask the politics Shandong | Vocational College Production Text Adjusted Jiaodong Economic Circle How Integrated Education Mission?

· Lightning News December 9th "Ask Zheng Zheng Shandong" broadcasts 122th, focusing the integrated development of Jiaodong Economic Circles, specializing in politics, Qingdao, Yantai, Weifang, Weihai, Rizhao 5 city related responsible comrades accepted political politics . On December 8, 2020, Jiaodong Five City signed the "Memorandum of Combining Combination of Jiaodong Economic Circle", which proposed […]

Spread sports spirit to help rural revitalization – champion athletes entered Shanxi Province

  "Helping the Country Revitalization – Champion Athletes Fighting Two Counties" End, Zou Zhenxian, Song Na, Sun Xiaoyu, Zhang Hui, Man Dandan, Meng Su Tunan Equal Six Champion Athletes Enter the State Sports General Administration to help the County Shanxi Province Yu County, Duo County, sharing the story behind the championship, spreading the spirit of Chinese […]

Cross-strait marriage families gathered in Kunming to spend the "our story" across the strait

China Xinwang Kunming November 12 (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) On the 12th, the 5th Yuntai, the 5th Yuntai, two-strait marriage and family, held in Kunming, with the theme of "Huang Yushan Sea", and 40 cross-strait marriage and family representatives shared them. Love story and entrepreneurial experience. "Come to Yunnan, change my life, I not only find […]

This pocket park in Shanghai does not rely on exquisite design, killing the heavy surrounding Asian award

Original title: Shanghai’s pocket park is not decentralized, why do you kill the Asian Award? What kind of work can you get the Asian Architect Association Architecture Award? Do not rely on the high exquisite design, this small pocket park in Shanghai, why do you kill? Recently, Shanghai Tongji University Construction and Urban Planning College, […]