“Secretary Wang,This bitch is meeting his lover here,I hit him,So they even killed people”Liu Yousheng gritted his teeth and said to Secretary Wang。But what he said has a head and a face,If someone who doesn’t know the inside story really thinks what he said is true。

Secretary Wang slowly understood,He hurriedly pulled away Liu Yousheng’s hand that held his arm tightly and said:“I said Lao Liu!Don’t mess around here,What lover is not lover,There are a lot of people around Xiaoxia’s girlfriend,All beautiful and beautiful,Why would he like your yellow-faced lady?”Ginger is still old and spicy after all。 “Not Secretary Wang,The two […]

Meet Ming brother、Hancock’s skill-based strongman can play for a long time before the winner can be divided.。

“Idiots,You forgot the purpose of finding the boss?What newspaper to read now?”Sern suddenly spoke again。 Everyone has no time to stare at Seun,All looked at Leo。 After Thorn’s reminder, Trang remembered the purpose of his group looking for Leo.。 “Boss,You hurry up!Our zoo is about to be demolished by the Tianlong people!” “Oh?There are many […]

Lin Ping also looked confused,Know what Chu’s big brother should think about?。

“Laudno’s age……Actually I still know this kind of thing?”Chu Deirers faintly feel somewhat wrong,Even you have already set up ideas,After that, go to Qunfuyuan,Check if Cheterno has a consumption record! Linghu Chong and Lin Ping,There is no shortage,However, Lin Ping is obviously,This is not a coincidence。 “correct,What is your previous injury??People who met the Shaishanpai?It […]

Liao Wenjie holds a cross,One hand turned up on the body:“strangeness,I just used a cross to deal with blood ghosts.,How can I find it??”

“Liao Changji,Cross is in you……” “Small ring,Have you come to help me find。” “Come。” Hear the summons of Liao Wenjie,Small ring is close to,I saw a face that the dean was long.,Exclaim,Turned and ran back。 “Liao!road!long!” “Dean,I let the small rings help me find a cross.,What are you exciting??”Liao Wenjie is deep,Very innocent。 “This cross […]

“you……Why are you here?What a coincidence!”

Woman panicked。 The eyes keep dodge! I dare not look directly at Fang Yu。 “Do not be afraid,I’m not here to hold you accountable……That little money,Not much。But I want to know,Who sent you over!” Fang Yu questioned。 Staring into the woman’s eyes。 “I……I can’t say!said,I will have trouble……I already knew it was wrong。forgive me!I have […]

Lin Shuoxia:“I see,This time,The other party is very hidden,It seems that Gu An’an’s 婶,But the woman is very calm,Our people surrounded their family,A person who is very calm,Eating,Give it to drink,Go to sleep,Nor to work,It’s not a mahjong all day, it’s shopping.。

Relying on the gray car,There is no way to determine it is Gu Anan,Even if it is an accident,Not a car of Gu An An 婶,But a black car,No evidence,The police also have no way。 The way we think,There is no connection between them,There is no way to achieve,I can only wait for the timing […]


Ding Haijun, who is rare to go home once at a regular time,Once home,I found that the atmosphere at home was not right,He looked at his wife who was sitting on the sofa and watching TV in a daze,Look at her nonchalant daughter who is typing something on her laptop,There is a word for a […]

This one in front of you,Belonging to open the window,Can see jade,It’s Yang Green Jade。

There are many types of jade green,The most valuable is Emperor Green,Next Zhengyang Green,Sun green,Spinach green,Seedling green,Apple green,Scallion Green,Parrot green,Melon Green,Bean Green,Loofah Green,Toad green etc.,There are many more。 “Sun green,Very expensive。but,I still can’t see how much meat there is。”Xin Zhao said。 The window is really small,Only nail size,Although I opened three or four,But still can’t […]

Bei Gong Mad Saber frowned,Shook his head:“Of course not the same!Not much to say,Hurry out and kill him!Don’t let others see!”

Bei Gongwang narrowed his eyes,After a while,Shook his head:“strange!I can’t lift that sword!” “waste!Go get the sword!I will kill him!”Bei Gong Knife Furious Road。 The voice has not fallen,Beigong Crazy Sabre has already carried the ruling,Like an arrow from the string,Broke through the gap in the courtyard wall。 He really doesn’t have time to talk […]

Just a stab,Can kill this opponent!

“Ok,You are right,Today’s weather is good,Windy and sunny,Not suitable for killing,You go down!Change another one!I can still fight!”Tu Shanming laughed,Retracted the blade。 Lu Feng was taken aback for a moment,He thought he was bound to die,I didn’t expect the other party to let him go。 “You don’t kill me?”Lu Feng opened his eyes wide and […]