“Hey!Don’t stand silly,Hurry to the house”Wang Yihua said,Then returned。The nanny ran out and opened the big iron door,Xia Jian drove the car into the small courtyard。

After they sat down in the living room,Only then did Xia Jian ask Wang Yihuadao:“Where are you going?Don’t you usually go out?Your face is too pale” Xia Jian’s series of question marks。Wang Yihua smiled and said:“You know that I am a person who eats vegetarian food,So don’t take part in anything outside。Of course,Sometimes I go […]

“Zhang Hong,Didn’t I tell you yesterday,I have a boyfriend,Don’t bother me,I hung up!”Li Ying said impatiently on the phone。

“Don’t hang up,I have something important to tell you!”Zhang Hong said anxiously。 “Have something to say,I have no time to ink with you!” “……I saw your boyfriend!” “boyfriend?” “……Chen Xiu!” “Correct,Chen Xiu is my boyfriend!” Only then did Li Ying remember the use of Chen Xiu as her boyfriend yesterday。 “He is a big carrot,He […]

“Some things are far more complicated than we thought。Miss fulfilled their whole old Luo family,You may not know,Executives from many departments of the group,Surname Luo。Ru Ke Luo and Miss really have an accident,Then these people will die,So you have to understand Luo Yi”Ali softly explained all this to Xia Jian。

Xia Jian nodded,And said to Ali:“I’ve worked hard for you here,I want to rest” “it is good!Your room hasn’t changed,Go upstairs yourself!”Ali smiled slightly,Began to clean up the mess。A table of plates and bowls,Look annoying。 Go back to the room I lived in before,Xia Jian has many thoughts。He really didn’t expect,He will know Luo Yi,And […]

If in usual,These two great spells can’t help these fairy kings,But delay hinders one or two but can do it。

The other four return to the void and Sanxian will join forces,Resist the counterattack of ten demon kings with magic weapons。 If these six return to the Void and Sanxian are support and defense,And Li Ming and the three gods are attacking。 Stars and golden beads are connected and shot out, Five consecutive attacks,The light […]

Wang Youcai laughed and said:“I’m careless,Why forgot about it“He said,Took out his wallet from his pocket,I drew 500 yuan and gave it to Tianwa。

Everyone has money,This Tian baby is also,He said with a smile:“This money will be deducted from my salary!“ “No need to,I spent five hundred yuan for you,Hold and use“Wang Youcai is very generous,This made Tian Wa couldn’t help laughing。 Wang Youcai opened the car door,As soon as he got in,Suddenly remembered something。He froze for a […]

Although the fighting in the yard was short,But the Eagle King and Dragon King in the inner courtyard were naturally alarmed。

“what happened?So strong mental shock!”Eagle King said with horror on his face。 The dragon king sits still like a mountain,Shen Sheng:“Still need to ask?They must be here!Mental shock of this intensity,It could only be that guy!He can control change Alien,This level is just a trivial。” “What to do then?”Eagle King said in a panic。 Dragon […]

“Not thoughtful,I just want to clean up my traces as much as possible,Downtown homicide,Such a lunatic…We have a lot of enemies recently,It’s better to keep a low profile!”

Xiang Chen didn’t comment after the lunatic。 “You will be afraid of madmen?” Xiang Yang looked at Xiang Chen suspiciously。 Xiang Chen smiled helplessly:“Not afraid,Just don’t want people to be a gunman。And the enemy is dark,Only heroes do such things,We are not heroes!” Xiangyang nodded,I didn’t think there was anything,I won’t think of Zhu Shiyao’s […]

For the Carpenter brothers and sisters,This point of Chen Geng is what they value most:Mr. Fernandez seems to have incredible talent in screenwriting and songwriting,It also means relying on these to make money,But he doesn’t seem to have the intention of setting up a large or medium-sized film and music company.,This company has been established for more than a year,A broker、Neither a singer nor an actor signed,It was established purely to invest in film and television production……

But this is exactly what the brother and sister wanted。 the reason is simple,Brother and sister can use the company’s resources to the maximum、Especially the resources of the boss。 Digression,The two brothers actually watched Chen Geng take it out of the same safe.《bodyguard》with《Human and ghost》Script、Take out“I will love you forever”The songbook,Although I don’t know how […]

Ye Xingkong once again typed a line saying that I have something to do with him,But please don’t tell me to find him。。

Said the smart Ding Keyu,can,Since it was you,I will do it,Who made you a member of the Ding family。 Ding Keyu said these,Actually there are his thoughts,He won’t tell Zhang Cheng who to find him。 From the doubts on Ye Xingkong’s face,You can see that what Zhang Cheng did was not good,But Zhang Cheng must […]

“Both,Just do what Linghu said。”

“Haha!I see brother Zhao carrying a bow,Is it proficient in bow and arrow?”Linghu bow rejoicing,Immediately start a new topic with a stone bow behind Zhao Feng。 “Dare not say proficient,Just because of interest,Actually, I only started learning for less than half a month,I couldn’t even pull the bow a few days ago,Made me laugh。” After […]