Based on resource endowment to make a big special industry

In recent years, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to the construction of ecological civilization. Lu’an has always practiced the concept of "two mountains" and do a big specialty industry. Today, Lu’an has become an important ecological barrier in the Yangtze River Delta, successfully created national forest city, national forest tourism demonstration city. […]

De militaire opleiding en training werken samen om de sterke kracht van regionale ontwikkeling te delen

184 Army Art Life Experience Base, Beibei City Economic Development Zone, 188 sterren Zee-gemeenschap … Open de loop van de Altay Party School 2021 Middelbare leeftijd Cadre-training, het tiende deel van de tiende van de tiende van de stad van Beibei . Om de teelt van een theoretische vaardigheid te versnellen, grijpt het beleid de […]

Basic model of judicial administrative drug rehabilitation work in the establishment of national uniforms in Hebei Province

Original title: The basic model of establishing a national unified judicial administrative drug rehabilitation work in the province has been pushing "I have learned" I have learned the practice of "I have practical practice" practice activities for the masses "Practice activities in the Hebei Provincial Political News Office. Establishing the basic model of judicial administrative […]

Chen Min Dang Liangzhi met with the sixteenth annual meeting of the 12th annual meeting of the Mayor of Chongqing Mayor

  On September 24th, Chen Min, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the mayor Tang Liangzhi met an important guest of the sixteenth annual meeting of Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Group, and chaired with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Corning Company. Executive official Wei […]

Qian Sanxiong presided over the Standing Committee of Xingtai Municipal Committee

  On the afternoon of November 5, the Standing Committee of the Xingtai Municipal Party Committee held a meeting to conduct a political study for a quarter of the clock, concentrated on the recent important speech and important articles in the near future; conveyed the Safety Production Video Dispatch Conference in the province, the province’s CPPCC […]

Service upgrade to welcome the Bo (observation of the Expo)

  Shanghai Central Building, property personnel are overhauling thousand lighting, ensuring that the lighting effect is successful. 175 theme attractions flowers bloom, waiting for the eight parties. Do not launch the epidemic prevention and control, excellence to customize service guarantee, Shanghai is fully committed to the host host, to ensure the successful and colorful of the […]

The first domestic artificial breeding endanger species black leg white hip leaf monkey debut Guangzhou [6]

On November 10th, the first case of artificially breeding successful black legs and white hip lactus babies were met in Guangzhou Changlong Lingmei Research Center and the audience. The black legs white hip lactus baby was born in July this year.Because the survival rate of black legs, the survival rate of black and white hip, […]

Shanxi issued flood control and relief rescue funds 250.1 million to simplify audit procedures to ensure the basic life of the masses

  Xinhua Net Taiyuan October 12 (Wang Mengjia) Recently, due to continuous rainfall, Shanxi has encountered different degrees of floods. At the Flood Control Relief Press Conference held on the 12th, the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office, Song Haibing, deputy director of the Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department, said that Shanxi simplifies audit procedures and effectively […]