Beijing an orderly restoration of cultural tourism activities

[] The reporter learned from the Beijing Wenxiong Administration, Beijing will resume cultural tourism activities in the future, continue to implement limited reservation and peak requirements, limit 75% limited to open parks, scenic spots, famous monks and libraries, museums, shadow theater, KTV, Internet cafes and other online venues. Hotel hotel cancels 75% of current limiting […]

Central Party History Learning Education Het 15e instructieteam naar Xinhua News Agency Inspection and Guidance

  Op de ochtend van 8 juni vond de 15e geleidingsgroep van het Central Party History Education Yao Yiang Team Leaders op naar Xinhua News Agency om het werk van de Geschiedenis van de Partij te inspecteren en te begeleiden. Xinhua News Agency, Party Secretary, en General Edge Editor, Hosting Hosting Inspectie en begeleiding Vergaderingen, Plaatsvervangend […]

2021 Hunan Province Maternale en Kinderveiligheid Eerste hulpvaardigheden Competitie in Changsha

People’s Network Changsha November 8 november, vóór, Hunan Province Maternal en Child Safety First Ahuls vaardigheden werden gehouden in Changsha. 14 bedrijven hebben een team van 10 personen (1 medische persoon verantwoordelijke persoon, 3 verloskundige artsen, 1 pasgeboren kinderarts, 1 zware medische arts, 1 anesthesist, 2 verpleging, 1 persoon) sluiten. Het gehalte aan Maternale en […]

Baotou City fully launched new crown virus vaccine to strengthen the needle inoculation

  The reporter learned from the Baotou City Health and Health Committee that in order to further build a national immunization barrier, the reporter has guaranteed a better protection effect of 2 doses vaccination people, according to the national, autonomous region new crown virus vaccination work unified arrangement, October 17 On the day, the Baotou City […]

Shenzhen Ocean University Preparation Construction

Original title: Shenzhen Ocean University Preparatory Construction September 6, Shenzhen Dapeng New District held the celebration of the 37th Teacher’s Day meeting to commend the advanced units and advanced individuals from 2020 to 2021 academic education system.   Since the establishment of Dapeng New Area, the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of the New District […]

Sea silver wealth is honored 2021 Excellent Competitiveness Wealth Management Pioneer Organization

And the prospects of the prospects, the Chinese business competitiveness year begins to the present for more than ten years, not only gathers the Chinese business intelligence and the top entrepreneurial thinking, and the road to the development of the Chinese economy and enterprises, but also successfully built it. Government, enterprises, Chinese and foreign famous […]

Shijiazhuang: "Shimen Spirit" Centennial Factory Party History

On June 22nd, the "Shimen Spirit" Party History of Shijiazhuang Company, located in Zijiazhuang, China, officially built, and became another ideological and political education base in Shijiazhuang City, further enriched the textbooks and platforms of party history education education. With the 116-year-old Middle Car Qi Yin Group Shijiazhuang Company, the predecessor is the Zhengtai Railway […]

The main body of the Guangdong market exceeded 15 million households account for about 110

Original title: Guangdong market main body exceeded 15 million households in Guangdong market exceeded 15 million! According to the data of the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, as of November 3, Guangdong has a total of 10,000 market mains, accounting for 1/10 of the country, and has a steady country. Among them, all kinds of […]