Ye Youo originally didn’t want to tell his father,But this thing directly touches her bottom line,She is hard to imagine how she will have a disease after the disease?。

Unhappy? Be born like death? Anyway, what happens?。 Ye Tiancheng heard his wife’s words,It is also anger。 I am going to find the school leader for the first time.。 Just, it was blocked by Li Hui Feng.。 “Ye Shu,You directly let the school will be released.,What benefits are there?? We are not happy at our […]

Both people are very beautiful people,But the face is incomparable.,Although it can also be seen such as water,Earlobe,Liu Ye Tibetan,But it is incomparable from it.。

Can have such a situation,Ten eight nine is a knife,But Xu Ruzhen and Lin Yu Ruxi are the beauty of nature.,Beauty different,Not unlikely the pattern of moving knives。 “Long,Then can you ask me my marriage??” Xu Ruzhen heard Zhang Qiling’s words,Also a glimpse,However, since the other party said that the shake is not used,Then it […]

“or,Mother, you come to be the co-master of the Yaozu,Those old guys will definitely surrender!”The emperor Jinwu is helpless,Feels like a false monster leader(;д`)ゞ。

Phoenix looks at his son,Shook his head:“Said it is a tens of thousands of demons,In fact, it is also an alliance formed by us who are compassionate to all races.,How can you expect them to truly obey you。” “Unless you conquer them with strength—But you can’t do it。” “As for the Sui people,He led the […]


Chapter Four:Rush to death,See the dragon body Ye Fuming Handheld Halberd,Fast forward to the blue beam of light,I also encountered many evil beasts along the way,At first it was some first-level monsters,But the more you go in,Level two evil beasts gradually increased,I even saw Level 3。 On the way,Because of some mistakes,Fuming attracted the attention […]

I saw Huach to cover my arm.,Just got Chu Deiren,But it’s nothing to hurt.:“This……Since Zhong Wanzi, the obeys,Not as good as we have a joke with him……”

Zhong Lingliang,Some fear of hiding behind the Chu Dee,Just now Huachu wants to shoot her,Being guarded to guard the deer。 “Monkey!Is there such a joke??”Chu Deee is dissatisfied。 Huach is full of face,Apologize to Chu Deirers。 Originally Rihua Heng is to report the clock,Specially dizzy,Let Duan hugged her out,Let Zhong Wanmeng Instead。 certainly,At that time […]

“Here is inconvenient here,Let’s go to the inn……”Chu Deirers smiled slightly。

“Inn?do what?”It is not instinctive feeling。 “Give you a good thing。”Chu Deirens face and good。 “What?I want to see too!”Yun Luo County is also lifting。 Become is not wanting to go,But the Chu Deee is“Have a drink”、Again“So big, don’t have a mother-in-law”,All the way to the pusher will be a publess pub.。 Half time…… “Deer、Deer……No!” […]

“Correct!Will let you go。”

“Why should i believe you!” “such,You call your family now。How about letting them go abroad first?This at least protects the lives of those close to you。”Tan Zetao spoke at this moment。 Hear this,Qin Feng sneered and shook his head。Except for him,Some gang bosses have similar expressions to Qin Feng。 To know,They do a lot of […]