Ma Xiaofeng didn’t care about what Xia Jian said,She couldn’t help being furious,She said loudly:“Give me less nonsense,You come to town to find me later”Ma Xiaofeng finished,Angry horse hung up。

Ma Yan sitting next to Xia Jian heard Ma Xiaofeng’s words,She asked with a straight face:“Did any of you report this morning to Mayor Ma??Too shameless,Who is the village chief doing this for??” “Mayor Ma knows about this?This is definitely not what we told her,Please rest assured。Mayor Ma should have eyeliner in the village,So when […]

Wang Youcai listened,I can’t help but frown,This woman is looking for him,There is really nothing easy to handle,It seems that the bank card given to him is not easy to use。Just when Wang Youcai was thinking about this,The door of the private room opened gently,Feng Yan came in wearing a short mini skirt。

This woman is in good shape,She wears this way,Wang Youcai’s eyes can’t move。Feng Yan said hello to Hu Huiru,So he sat gently beside Wang Youcai。 Wang Youcai’s two obsessive eyes dug out Feng Yan’s chest fiercely,Then laughed:“beauty!What are you busy with during this time?Why haven’t I seen you!“ “Yo!President Wang,So you still remember me in […]

Anger rushed in Xia Jian’s heart,He yelled:“Hybrid!“The voice has not fallen,Xia Jian has jumped up the steps。

When the yellow calf notices it,His whole body has been caught by Xia Jian,Raised above the head。 “Don’t,No Xia Hao!“Jia Lina yelled heartbreakingly。But everything is late,The yellow calf’s body is like a bag of flour thrown out,Plop,Raised dust on the ground。 It took a long time for the onlookers to exclaim。The yellow calf rolled on […]

If you deal with any of them alone,Chen Xiu is not afraid,If these people go together,Even if your own swordsmanship is awesome,I’m afraid I can’t cross a big realm to deal with so many masters at the same time。

Seeing Liu Fengxing’s death to save face, he must stand up against himself,Thought in mind:“If they swarm up,I can only obediently throw out the inner alchemy for a chance to escape。Since he has to single out,I solved him quickly,One less powerful enemy is one!” Stabbed with Chen Xiuping’s innocent sword,Liu Fengxing was startled,If the knife […]

In danger,Lu Menglin immediately sensed the abnormality behind him,But the Great Emperor Zhenwu’s body that was transformed by his own mental power is entangled with the troll god in front of him.,Can’t get out,The situation becomes very passive again。

boom!The troll god behind him stepped on,Lu Menglin had to withdraw and retreat,There is no time to attack Kasuga Ming。 Where Lu Menglin was just now,Stepped on by that troll god。 This monster’s attack can switch between virtual and real,Existing powerful physical attacks,Can kill the spirit,It’s really sharp。 At this moment of Lu Menglin,The true […]

Seeing that his wound was treated with the simplest treatment,And the wounded like this,I didn’t even stay in bed,Also arranged to stand guard in Chengtou,Hu Lin suddenly faced the fighting power and tenacity of these refugees in Sandstorm City,Got some new knowledge。

Maybe,Only fighters like them,To hold the sandstorm city! Hu Lin has heard it more than once by her elders,Sai Yee Korean soldiers,On Weaponry,Ranked among the top seven countries,But on combat effectiveness,But it can only be in the bottom。 It’s because Ye Korea’s location is too good,Is the least experienced war among the seven major countries,So […]

In an instant it floated to the man in black,One hand knocked off the crossbow he was holding.bow,With the other hand, he directly pinched the neck of the man in black。

“Ouch, baby brother,It seems your crossbow.Bowing is not accurate!”Qin Feng pinched the man in black,Jokingly with a mean mouth。 The man in black suddenly opened his eyes,Seeing Qin Feng who suddenly floated in front of him,Eyeballs are almost falling。 Obviously he was opening a crossbow just now.Qin Feng was still sleeping well before the bow,He […]

Young Master Huang raised his head and looked at Xiao Fan viciously,Eyes are like fire。

Unexpectedly, Xiao Fan said coldly:“you lose!Get out!” ———— Chapter 52 Regret Young Master Huang’s expression is extremely embarrassing,When have I been so humiliated?,Young Master Huang has the heart to devour Xiao Fan。 I wanted to teach Xiao Fan a few words,But helpless at this time, the burning sensation in the whole mouth and esophagus is […]