Children’s Dance Drama "Wang Zhaojun" Staged in Zhao Jun Museum

People’s Network Zhaohot 6 oktober (Liu Yilin) ??Onlangs, in 2021, het eerste Demaguan Grassland Culture Festival en het twintigjarige jaar Hohhot Zhaojun Culture Festival gehouden, werd het Children’s Dance Drama "Wang Zhaojun" opgevoerd in Zhao Jun Museum. Als geschenk van dit evenement rekruteerde het Children’s Dance Drama "Wang Zhaojun" de dansliefhebbers van alle primaire en […]

31 years ago

  [Retrieving] The old gentleman who gave birth to the National Day was a sixty-one year ago – pursuing China’s first drone design teacher Wenyuan Guangming Daily reporter Liu Bochao’s 61 years ago, he led as a general designer The team developed China’s first unmanned airplane "Beijing No. 5", giving gifts for the National Day, and […]

China @ 四 川 | Avoid balloon: 30,000 meters high altitude "put pulse" weather

  On March 23, the World Meteorological Day, the reporter visited Wenjiang National Climate Avenue Station in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, revealing how to use the exploration of air balloon "put" weather.   In the evening, Chen Jian, a high-altitude weather observation engineer, a high-altitude weather observation engineer, a high-altitude meteorological observation engineer in Fengjiang District, Chengdu, completes […]

The 11th Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee held in Ning

  Original title: In-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session, the new mission, write a new chapter, the new journey Through the resolution of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee on the Thirteenth Sixth Plenary Session of the Party of the Communist Party of China, the resolution of the 13th Committee report […]

Shaanxi starts IV level flood prevention emergency response rainstorm to the scenic spot shutdown train stop

In the face of the flood caused by continuous rainfall, the Shaanxi Provincial Water Resources Department continued to maintain the emergency response of the provincial water and drought disaster defense, and issued the 188th mountain flood disaster warning, and conducted two-stage belt on Yulin and Yan’an County Fully inspected, all levels of flood prevention staff […]

Pomegranate, lotus root, pumpkin … These autumn should be mistaken

Red Yanyan Pomegranate, cleansing white and tender lotus root, soft sweet pumpkin … Product autumn flavor! Pomegranate: Ruby Recommendation in fruit: Zhang Xiaoyan, Director, Lianyungang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Jiangsu Province, Zhang Xiaoyan, autumn is the season of eating pomegranate, peeling The shell, full of "ruby" jump into the eye, making people love. Many […]