But Hu Huiru went wrong on the way to Xiping Village,Wang Youcai helped her settle this matter,And also very vented。So with this thing,Hu Huiru looks a little different to Wang Youcai。She said,He can look after the clinic during this time,But Chen Zhuang’s affairs must be arranged。

With Hu Huiru’s words,Wang Youcai’s staying in Pingdu is a bit more confident。Although Julan is a bit cultural,But for medicine,She is a novice after all。 Dr. Lu wanted to teach Julan well,What I didn’t expect is,People who come to see him are always happy,He has no free time to teach Julan。 Julan took the medicine […]

“Doctor Lu,I’ve finished your medicine,Would you like to drive me some more?”Wang Youcai followed Doctor Lu back,For this。

Doctor Lu took a look at Wang Youcai and said:“Remember,Don’t have sex during this period of medication,Otherwise the treatment effect will be very poor” “I always remember your words!”Wang Youcai still respects Doctor Lu very much。 Doctor Lu opened an old box,I pulled out a shabby medicine book and read it for a while,Only http://www.2dgh.cn […]

“Humph!Who doesn’t know you Xia Jian is a romantic character”Xiao Xiao said,Then stood up and walked。

If only Xia Jian is left in the big living room, where is sitting alone。He really doesn’t know why Xiao Xiao is so angry。I’m not done,Is there any possibility between them??Is she still in love?,And thoughts in this regard? Xia Jian sitting on the sofa,Staring at the TV。But what’s on TV,He doesn’t know at all。Because […]

“not bad,Get oneCGrade body strengthening potion,”Although there is no purple,But it’s pretty good。

I wanted to go back to the bedroom quietly,Who knows that I just got downstairs in the bedroom,Was surrounded by a large group of people。 “Brother Hao,I used to have eyes but no beads,Offended you,Please also have a lot http://www.ycfsjc.cn of,Treat me as a fart。” “exactly,Your adults don’t remember the villains,I’m a bastard……” Seeing that […]


———— First1518chapter Interlocking K289On the http://www.nchmyy.cn train,Xiao Chenchen choked and fell asleep lying in Zhou Li’s arms。 The train is not very crowded,Maybe it’s just after the new year。Maybe some people are still immersed in the joy of New Year,It should be the peak of Spring Festival travel in one or two days。 Xia Jian […]

Eight tail fox a raccoon shakes the tail,Looking forward to watching the water。

Until to it,This is satisfied。 End monkey,Deep smelling smelling: “The only use of these monkeys is winemaking。” Ling monkey inner,But I don’t dare to attack。 Because this fox with eight tails,It has http://www.dsilearning.cn blood pressure to it。 “It’s better to catch back.,Give the master you make a wine。” Ling monkey,Hiding behind the water。 “Little monkey […]

The East Yindong corner is a tearful,Be unpredictable,After a long time, the Oriental Yin sigh,Her figure has moved to the depths of the stars。

After a few minutes,Her figure plays a planet in the deep starry sky,This planet is dry and dark,Ice-cold,With a strange breath。 There is a mountain in the east of the planet.,It’s like a ancestry.。 Marma。 The faucet is three thousand feet,Towering。 The faucet is blood red,Evan bloody breath and endless resentment,A huge bones in the […]

Blue Xin:“I am awake now.。”

Several people chat,But I came to a rapid guest。 Hao Peng and his assistant came in,Big bag small bag of nutrition。 Four people eating noodles:“……”Such a wonderful http://www.granitemedicalsystems.cn moment,Why is there anyone to bother?? Looking at Hao Peng,Le Zhenxi’s taste of the taste is reflected in an instant to come out。 Blue Xin is also […]