They also want to learn summer,Unfortunately, their arrow,Can’t catch the flashing opportunity。

In fact,Even if summer is also a bit。 When he turned over a dwarf with a giant force,There are countless dwarves rapidly with countless dwarfs.。 Summer can only kill two to three dwarfs in this。 So that is the case,His record,Make people look tongue。 The following is like a tide rush,Each arrow is shot,Will always […]

“I don’t want to be used to this thing.!”Yunchukawa,It’s a slap in the head of Flanda.。

“Very painful!” “Live!” “a bunch of idiots。”Three people who have seen a group,The http://www.ydlec.cn corner of the bundle, can’t help but rise up.。 Half,The topic was forced to come back.。 “so,I still haven’t discussed this guy who is.。”A clear palace of a coffee aroma is full(coffee)Na(coffee)Say,“How should I deal with this person??” “Temporary shelving。”Finally, Yunchuki […]