Chapter Three Hundred and Fourteen Confront the dragon head After the first wave of powder sprayed by myself was in vain,Mo Mo started planning to use his body as bait。 no way,Dealing with the older generation of people in the arena,It’s hard to expect any gain without taking a little risk。 And Mo Mo is […]

“Both,Just do what Linghu said。”

“Haha!I see brother Zhao carrying a bow,Is it proficient in bow and arrow?”Linghu bow rejoicing,Immediately start a new topic with a stone bow behind Zhao Feng。 “Dare not say proficient,Just because of interest,Actually, I only started learning for less than half a month,I couldn’t even pull the bow a few days ago,Made me laugh。” After […]

So-so,After helping Xin Zhao soak his feet casually,Wait until Qiangwei helps Lena wash her feet,Qilin got up too。

To this,Xin Zhao did not ask too much,Qilin can fulfill the bet well,Even great。 “OK OK,I’ll sit for a while,You two go out first!”Lena sitting on the chair and waving her hand,Sitting there with Ge You paralyzed,And Xin Zhao lay directly on the bed,It looks like I’m going to fall asleep soon。 Of course Qilin […]

The confrontation between the two,It’s like making good friends for many years,Laugh heartily,Extraordinary bearing。

Although I know Master Wu Hao is joking,But at night, everyone in Korea,Still inevitably a panic。 Win Fan’s bet,In his opinion, it is taking advantage anyway。 If Tieqin’s army won the Jinghu line of defense,According to the original agreement,Not only can he get the various defenses of Korea,Can bring Wu Hao back to Tieqin,As long […]

“Didn’t you find a few gangster?Are you going to lock Yunyun in?!I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person,You are really not worthy of being a sister!”

Warm Nuan was once again refreshed by the shameless mother and daughter,Somewhat ridiculous,Could it be that if it wasn’t that I could protect myself,Isn’t it dead by Wen Yunyun now?? Now Yu Shan dare to accuse herself of cruelty,Unworthy to be a sister,Warm and warm, too lazy to reason with the dog,Left directly。 Yu Shan […]

As long as the public welfare project that has just been invested starts to operate normally,The two of them don’t have to worry about it。

What about Xiao Fan’s company,Leave it to someone he believes to help take care of for a few days,Of course it is still possible。 He has plenty of time to take Lin Yoona out。 He also knows that Lin Yoona is staying at home,Must be boring,Recently I have the idea of learning gardening,And also thinking […]

Pinyin of the alphabet is beaten by Tian Lu,A line of Chinese imitating Song Ti Yueran on the computer,Fingers flying flexibly on the keyboard。

“Brush up”The staff’s learning plan and task appraisal performance plan are completed in one go,Draft formation。 Tian Lu finished typing the last word,Read it roughly,The corners of the mouth are upturned,Smile of satisfaction。 I still admire narcissistically in my heart:How can i be so talented!Humph,I’m not bad。 Stand up,Turn your head,Cervical spine“Kaka”Rang a few times,Feel […]

Fucking!Who is this guy who didn’t know where it came from??

Seeing this suddenly appeared、The guy looking at himself with disgust,Chen Geng suddenly became a little confused:Dude,I don’t seem to have seen you before? Although Chen Geng doesn’t know this man,,But Jia Shengcai obviously knew him。 See each other,Jia Shengcai frowned suddenly,Tugged him hard:“Lao Cheng,Mr. Chen’s achievements are obvious to all,Is the pride of our Chinese,How […]

Ok,It should be like this,Just look at that head down without speaking、The blushing old man who looks like a monkey butt,Know it’s true——This is almost the standard expression reaction of Chen Hongjun when he speaks to his family because of public affairs.。

Before Chen Geng could speak,Yuan Jia said to Chen Geng again:“child,You don’t have to be embarrassed,You don’t have to look at your uncle’s face about this,If you are convenient,Just get some corner projects for their troops,If it’s inconvenient,If you refuse,it’s not a big deal。” Chen Geng finally reacted,Smiling and greeted Chen Hongjun and Yuan Jia […]