“Not thoughtful,I just want to clean up my traces as much as possible,Downtown homicide,Such a lunatic…We have a lot of enemies recently,It’s better to keep a low profile!”

Xiang Chen didn’t comment after the lunatic。 “You will be afraid of madmen?” Xiang Yang looked at Xiang Chen suspiciously。 Xiang Chen smiled helplessly:“Not afraid,Just don’t want people to be a gunman。And the enemy is dark,Only heroes do such things,We are not heroes!” Xiangyang nodded,I didn’t think there was anything,I won’t think of Zhu Shiyao’s […]

It seems this Master Jingkong knows a lot,That’s why I have such big doubts。

Others saw him mutter to himself,Only when this old monk goes crazy,I didn’t have time to bother him。 in fact,No one knows,This Master Jingkong is not just a representative of Buddhism Zen,He still has an identity,Reincarnation,This monk is born with memories of his previous life,So I know much more than my peers,Also much deeper。 “And […]

Han Zhili speaks a bit yin and yang,For the school and the students,It’s no secret anymore,Someone will admire,Some people will ridicule,Compared to Han Zhili’s already strong resistance。

Realize that I said something wrong,Want to make up for it,But it’s too late,Seeing Han Zhili’s look,Li Hongyuan tightened his body subconsciously。 really,Han Zhili with taunt mode turned on,Killed Li Hongyuan directly。 “You old boy,I must know that all of you students from Beijing Normal University have their tails in Wanghai.,I will send you to […]

really,Dark monster not only has a chance to burst out skill books,Can really explode the equipment,This is exactly the same as in the game。Lu Menglin secretly guessed。

At this moment,Suddenly a system reminder sounded in his mind。 “Monster Siege is over,Defending the city mission completed。Whether to receive task rewards?” Of course Lu Menglin won’t be polite,Pick up。 “Ding!Strengthen the defense power of the city by 30%,Automatically turn on the banned space transmission function。” Hear this task reward prompt,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but […]

Seeing that his wound was treated with the simplest treatment,And the wounded like this,I didn’t even stay in bed,Also arranged to stand guard in Chengtou,Hu Lin suddenly faced the fighting power and tenacity of these refugees in Sandstorm City,Got some new knowledge。

Maybe,Only fighters like them,To hold the sandstorm city! Hu Lin has heard it more than once by her elders,Sai Yee Korean soldiers,On Weaponry,Ranked among the top seven countries,But on combat effectiveness,But it can only be in the bottom。 It’s because Ye Korea’s location is too good,Is the least experienced war among the seven major countries,So […]

boom!The fire is soaring into the sky,The tank platform was penetrated by a large hole about ten meters in diameter,The platform suddenly fell apart,Whether it’s a tank,Or the soldier attached to the platform,Heavy casualties。

At this moment,The soldiers of Tie Qin Kingdom saw it with horror,From high above the clouds,The huge hull faintly exposed。 “Dai Zong ship!Oh my god!This is a space-class floating warship!” “Are Ye Koreans crazy??How could the universe-class floating battleship be transferred to the Jinghu defense line??” however,What makes them even more unexpected is,Gradually revealing his […]

Bei Gong Mad Saber frowned,Shook his head:“Of course not the same!Not much to say,Hurry out and kill him!Don’t let others see!”

Bei Gongwang narrowed his eyes,After a while,Shook his head:“strange!I can’t lift that sword!” “waste!Go get the sword!I will kill him!”Bei Gong Knife Furious Road。 The voice has not fallen,Beigong Crazy Sabre has already carried the ruling,Like an arrow from the string,Broke through the gap in the courtyard wall。 He really doesn’t have time to talk […]

Just a stab,Can kill this opponent!

“Ok,You are right,Today’s weather is good,Windy and sunny,Not suitable for killing,You go down!Change another one!I can still fight!”Tu Shanming laughed,Retracted the blade。 Lu Feng was taken aback for a moment,He thought he was bound to die,I didn’t expect the other party to let him go。 “You don’t kill me?”Lu Feng opened his eyes wide and […]

However, history seems to have another big joke with Qiao Tianyu,Unfortunately, Qiao Tianyu was quoted again this time。

Qiao Tianyu’s voice just fell,The four major financial market monitors surrounding the command hall all sounded the alarm,Crazy toss from the foreign exchange market****Start,Bond market、The stock market and futures markets have also joined the ranks of selling。 The four major financial markets are all green,Then bond market、Stock market suspension,Huge short contracts in the futures market,RMB […]