Novice Wang Shuai,Die a few times at most,He has a cautious character,Cherish life。

Xiao Xiao is in a bad mood,It’s time to enjoy driving fast,Suddenly changed to a car with a lot of power,It’s hard to rest assured。 Chen Wenjin won’t wait for Wang Shuai,Drove out。 Okay,Xiao Xiao drives slowly,About waiting for them,Also familiar with power by the way。 After a short while,Wang Shuai also followed。 Three cars […]


Ding Haijun, who is rare to go home once at a regular time,Once home,I found that the atmosphere at home was not right,He looked at his wife who was sitting on the sofa and watching TV in a daze,Look at her nonchalant daughter who is typing something on her laptop,There is a word for a […]

First899chapter The knowledge system is not explained

“Relative to the huge funding gap,Everyone should understand,The capital reserves of the futures exchange itself are completely unable to cope with this large-scale financial trend.,”Li Fuzhao said:“And let’s imagine,If the futures market crashes,Then the futures broker will sell a lot of stocks for cash,This will cause a further decline in the stock market and the […]

Under the activation of predictive skills,Qin Feng directly put down the person who wanted to make a fool of him,Qin Feng had the ability to kill opponents.。But he just knocked the opponent out。

As for the remaining one,Because I didn’t expect Qin Feng to change his tricks suddenly,And was distracted by the sudden change。the most important is,He never thought that his attack would be completely affected by Qin Feng“see through”。So it was natural that Qin Feng let go and restrained it。 “too weak!” After speaking,Qin Feng knocked him […]

Zhou Min really deserves to be an exquisite temperament,Don’t forget a sentence from Chai Shaomian, Director Qiu,This is obviously to pay back the favor。

Director Qiu next to him also smiled cheerfully:“Yes!The two big beauties gave Chai Shao a lot of face,Just mention it!” Chai Shao with a smile,I keep my eyes on Zhu Qiuhong’s face,Nodded casually,Doesn’t seem to care what they say。 “Miss Zhu,Everyone is young,Why not take off your shoes and go to the beach?”Chai Shao raised […]

In danger,Lu Menglin immediately sensed the abnormality behind him,But the Great Emperor Zhenwu’s body that was transformed by his own mental power is entangled with the troll god in front of him.,Can’t get out,The situation becomes very passive again。

boom!The troll god behind him stepped on,Lu Menglin had to withdraw and retreat,There is no time to attack Kasuga Ming。 Where Lu Menglin was just now,Stepped on by that troll god。 This monster’s attack can switch between virtual and real,Existing powerful physical attacks,Can kill the spirit,It’s really sharp。 At this moment of Lu Menglin,The true […]

Although the fighting in the yard was short,But the Eagle King and Dragon King in the inner courtyard were naturally alarmed。

“what happened?So strong mental shock!”Eagle King said with horror on his face。 The dragon king sits still like a mountain,Shen Sheng:“Still need to ask?They must be here!Mental shock of this intensity,It could only be that guy!He can control change Alien,This level is just a trivial。” “What to do then?”Eagle King said in a panic。 Dragon […]

“brothers?Your brotherhood,Isn’t it too cheap??”Lu Menglin shook his head,Sneered。

“in fact,You guys are really not smart enough!I didn’t know I was led by the nose,So it should be lost to me。” Lu Menglin said that,His eyes fell on Mo Wen on the ground,Lightly:“When will you continue to install?” Mo Wen, who had been seriously injured and fell to the ground, suddenly laughed,Tao:“I didn’t want […]