I saw Huach to cover my arm.,Just got Chu Deiren,But it’s nothing to hurt.:“This……Since Zhong Wanzi, the obeys,Not as good as we have a joke with him……”

Zhong Lingliang,Some fear of hiding behind the Chu Dee,Just now Huachu wants to shoot her,Being guarded to guard the deer。 “Monkey!Is there such a joke??”Chu Deee is dissatisfied。 Huach is full of face,Apologize to Chu Deirers。 Originally Rihua Heng is to report the clock,Specially dizzy,Let Duan hugged her out,Let Zhong Wanmeng Instead。 certainly,At that time […]

“you……Why are you here?What a coincidence!”

Woman panicked。 The eyes keep dodge! I dare not look directly at Fang Yu。 “Do not be afraid,I’m not here to hold you accountable……That little money,Not much。But I want to know,Who sent you over!” Fang Yu questioned。 Staring into the woman’s eyes。 “I……I can’t say!said,I will have trouble……I already knew it was wrong。forgive me!I have […]

“Ok!Finished eating,Let’s split up,Go back to Chenzhuang together tomorrow morning,But the ugly words are ahead,I don’t care how you play,But the money spent has nothing to do with me”Wang Youcai said,Laughed。

At this time Wu Wu sent Niu Xiaohu away and returned,He sat on the chair next to Wang Youcai and said:“You give them money,Brothers are happy,Actually this is more affordable,Ate and drank,It’s like giving money to others” “But what else,Niu Xiaohu, you have to pay attention,I always think this kid will cause us trouble。How did […]

On the big kang,Yao Chunni shrank into a ball,Holding her belly with her hands,Sweating。When she saw Wang Youcai running in with her mother-in-law Li Lanxiang,She gasped and said:“I want to keep the child,You save me!”

“do not speak,I’ll take you to the big hospital in the city now”Wang Youcai said,Jumped on the big kang。He picked up Yao Chunni,Then turn around,People have reached the ground。Don’t look at his chubby look,There are still two brushes at the critical moment。 Li Lanxiang was a little frightened,She looked at Wang Youcai stupidly,Don’t know what […]

If in usual,These two great spells can’t help these fairy kings,But delay hinders one or two but can do it。

The other four return to the void and Sanxian will join forces,Resist the counterattack of ten demon kings with magic weapons。 If these six return to the Void and Sanxian are support and defense,And Li Ming and the three gods are attacking。 Stars and golden beads are connected and shot out, Five consecutive attacks,The light […]

“Nothing more,It’s really boring,If it can drive this celestial seal,You might as well take it!”Li Tianzhen suddenly made a move with his right hand,Reciting ancient gods,The neatly arranged puppets suddenly jumped into the air one by one,The halo turns into fragments while circulating,Fusion of many fragments,It quickly became the original Tiangong seal,Suddenly fell into Li Tianzhi’s hands。

Li Tianzhen shakes his hand and throws it away,And threw the seal of the heavenly palace to Venerable Huo Xing,Then turned around,Leaving in strides,Walking and walking, the body becomes void,Then disappeared。 This group of gods disappointed Li Tianzhi too much,It’s okay to be a bit bitter,He happened to go to the deep blue space in […]

1182 Reward

The penalty head said with a smile:“If the enemy wants to forcefully break into the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion,No guards can stop it,Do you think it is useful to arrange a master here?” Indeed,With the various formations and Minggang of the City Lord’s Mansion、Secret whistle,If anyone can come in,It is estimated that Baiyun City has already […]

“But not,Physical surgery is from the outside to the inside,Cultivation is not only slow,It also consumes ten times more medicinal support than the warrior inside。”

The practice of physical skills is not to be seen on the earth,It’s the same in the prehistoric continent。 The main reason is just two points:One is the large amount of medicinal materials consumed;The second is too difficult to practice,No masochistic temperament,Most people don’t have the courage to practice! At the beginning of general physical […]

“Here is inconvenient here,Let’s go to the inn……”Chu Deirers smiled slightly。

“Inn?do what?”It is not instinctive feeling。 “Give you a good thing。”Chu Deirens face and good。 “What?I want to see too!”Yun Luo County is also lifting。 Become is not wanting to go,But the Chu Deee is“Have a drink”、Again“So big, don’t have a mother-in-law”,All the way to the pusher will be a publess pub.。 Half time…… “Deer、Deer……No!” […]