I heard behind the sound,Run, don’t dare to look back,Running the shank,Counter-hand,Back against death。 “Coming,Come to people!” Be awkward! Zombie hands pointed through the door,Slave the shoulder,All-claw embedding,Splashing large blood。 Has hurts, screaming,I only feel that my bones must be crushed.,If you don’t have a while, you will die.。 The housekeeper of the house heard […]

Both people are very beautiful people,But the face is incomparable.,Although it can also be seen such as water,Earlobe,Liu Ye Tibetan,But it is incomparable from it.。

Can have such a situation,Ten eight nine is a knife,But Xu Ruzhen and Lin Yu Ruxi are the beauty of nature.,Beauty different,Not unlikely the pattern of moving knives。 “Long,Then can you ask me my marriage??” Xu Ruzhen heard Zhang Qiling’s words,Also a glimpse,However, since the other party said that the shake is not used,Then it […]

They followed but for the benefit after the pirate fight,If Leo doesn’t make a move,Didn’t they just drank northwest wind this trip。

Even some sub-officers have thrown out some benefits,After compromise,Only then won this battle with Leo。 Leo doesn’t do it,Not only did they not earn,Still blood loss。 Countless thoughts flashed through a group of people。 Leo is not in a hurry,This group of navy must be more urgent than him。 “Since Major Leo wants to rescue […]

Wang Youcai listened,I can’t help but frown,This woman is looking for him,There is really nothing easy to handle,It seems that the bank card given to him is not easy to use。Just when Wang Youcai was thinking about this,The door of the private room opened gently,Feng Yan came in wearing a short mini skirt。

This woman is in good shape,She wears this way,Wang Youcai’s eyes can’t move。Feng Yan said hello to Hu Huiru,So he sat gently beside Wang Youcai。 Wang Youcai’s two obsessive eyes dug out Feng Yan’s chest fiercely,Then laughed:“beauty!What are you busy with during this time?Why haven’t I seen you!“ “Yo!President Wang,So you still remember me in […]

Originally clear sky,Suddenly a few black clouds emerged。These black clouds spread quickly,The light of my eyes blocked the sun。

Xia Jian suddenly turned around,He said with all his feelings:“The power of management within the group is too concentrated,This is not conducive to mutual supervision。Some people’s rights inflated,Began to seek personal gain,This is a bad momentum“ “Ok!I also found,Thinking about free time,Let’s study this matter carefully。Since you also found the problem,When this matter is over […]

“Hey!Don’t stand silly,Hurry to the house”Wang Yihua said,Then returned。The nanny ran out and opened the big iron door,Xia Jian drove the car into the small courtyard。

After they sat down in the living room,Only then did Xia Jian ask Wang Yihuadao:“Where are you going?Don’t you usually go out?Your face is too pale” Xia Jian’s series of question marks。Wang Yihua smiled and said:“You know that I am a person who eats vegetarian food,So don’t take part in anything outside。Of course,Sometimes I go […]

“Zhang Hong,Didn’t I tell you yesterday,I have a boyfriend,Don’t bother me,I hung up!”Li Ying said impatiently on the phone。

“Don’t hang up,I have something important to tell you!”Zhang Hong said anxiously。 “Have something to say,I have no time to ink with you!” “……I saw your boyfriend!” “boyfriend?” “……Chen Xiu!” “Correct,Chen Xiu is my boyfriend!” Only then did Li Ying remember the use of Chen Xiu as her boyfriend yesterday。 “He is a big carrot,He […]

When Han Tianshan’s words are finished,Those around,One after another, looking towards this side。

obviously,Such a thing,What will it represent。 Actually just this,It’s already obvious。 And Han Tianshan looked over here,I don’t forget to talk to the people around me。 “All right,Now words,Things are almost dealt with。” “But then,What should I do,I miss you all,It should be clearer than me!” When Han Tianshan did not forget to speak directly […]