Ye Youo originally didn’t want to tell his father,But this thing directly touches her bottom line,She is hard to imagine how she will have a disease after the disease?。

Unhappy? Be born like death? Anyway, what happens?。 Ye Tiancheng heard his wife’s words,It is also anger。 I am going to find the school leader for the first time.。 Just, it was blocked by Li Hui Feng.。 “Ye Shu,You directly let the school will be released.,What benefits are there?? We are not happy at our […]

And Qin Hao heard all this,Leidenka and Kakashi went back to their rooms on their own。

Then came the clear sound of the cup being broken。 “I killed him,Actually deducted my goods,Black eat black,This trick is pretty awkward,Then we see who has played。” There was a roar from inside,No one responded to him。 “Copy guy,Go to the market with me,”Scorpion finished,Came out of the inner house immediately。 This time is a […]

Ma Xiaofeng didn’t care about what Xia Jian said,She couldn’t help being furious,She said loudly:“Give me less nonsense,You come to town to find me later”Ma Xiaofeng finished,Angry horse hung up。

Ma Yan sitting next to Xia Jian heard Ma Xiaofeng’s words,She asked with a straight face:“Did any of you report this morning to Mayor Ma??Too shameless,Who is the village chief doing this for??” “Mayor Ma knows about this?This is definitely not what we told her,Please rest assured。Mayor Ma should have eyeliner in the village,So when […]

“Secretary Wang,This bitch is meeting his lover here,I hit him,So they even killed people”Liu Yousheng gritted his teeth and said to Secretary Wang。But what he said has a head and a face,If someone who doesn’t know the inside story really thinks what he said is true。

Secretary Wang slowly understood,He hurriedly pulled away Liu Yousheng’s hand that held his arm tightly and said:“I said Lao Liu!Don’t mess around here,What lover is not lover,There are a lot of people around Xiaoxia’s girlfriend,All beautiful and beautiful,Why would he like your yellow-faced lady?”Ginger is still old and spicy after all。 “Not Secretary Wang,The two […]

If Master Gu Tang guards the Ancestral Dragon City State,I wish Minglang the big rock in my heart these days can finally fall。

A king-level swordsman is there,Even if there is a younger generation, I dare not make it again! “Why do you forget where your brother came from?,Hao Ying Jian,It’s really rare for our swordsman,But for your brother’s family,Just a few pieces of good iron。”The old lady Jianzun said。 “Yes。”Zi Miaozhu said。 “Xiao Lang,You also know that […]

Meet Ming brother、Hancock’s skill-based strongman can play for a long time before the winner can be divided.。

“Idiots,You forgot the purpose of finding the boss?What newspaper to read now?”Sern suddenly spoke again。 Everyone has no time to stare at Seun,All looked at Leo。 After Thorn’s reminder, Trang remembered the purpose of his group looking for Leo.。 “Boss,You hurry up!Our zoo is about to be demolished by the Tianlong people!” “Oh?There are many […]

Because Li Tianzhen is very cooperative,There is no direct evidence that he was involved in Yuxing’s illegal activities.,So the police only temporarily restricted his freedom,Did not treat him as a suspect。

Shen Yingjie first found Li Tianzhi,He is sitting in a single cell in a daze。 I wanted to have a good chat,Advise this guy not to be so impulsive,Also inform the instructor of the change in attitude,But Li Tianzhen’s performance made Shen Yingjie overwhelmed,Although there is no cynicism,But keep sneer,So she hurriedly said a few […]

Demertion,Wei Xiaothid is not a fool,No matter how many sets,The other party will always come over.。Therefore, the words of the ancestors do make sense.,What he can do,Almost all done,leftover,Just look at you can hold it.。

“Come from,Look for high-rise,I have something to tell him.。” The Light is ignored to the ancestors,Directly to the pro。 NS1191chapter Historical latent flow(superior) The door of the bedroom is pushed open,Shanleo is a little surprised to see the Gao Baoyi who seems to have a little wine.,Men with the past,Slightly a little bit。 Less than […]