Service upgrade to welcome the Bo (observation of the Expo)

  Shanghai Central Building, property personnel are overhauling thousand lighting, ensuring that the lighting effect is successful. 175 theme attractions flowers bloom, waiting for the eight parties. Do not launch the epidemic prevention and control, excellence to customize service guarantee, Shanghai is fully committed to the host host, to ensure the successful and colorful of the […]

Technology helps service trade transformation upgrade (on-site review)

  Adhere to independent innovation, promote new technologies, new models, new kinetic energy, can further promote the quality of economic development, efficiency change, dynamic change, and continuously enhance economic competitiveness, innovation, and risk ability into the National Convention Center 1 Exhibition Hall, a fully automatic nasopharyngeal sampling robot, can automate the cracking, calibration position, collecting samples […]

Treasure "hidden" story | ‘or days of His Career ": employment aid Tibet Tibetan youth to a broader world

"Tibet’s peaceful liberation and prosperity," the White Paper revealed that about 10% or more per year outside of the Tibetan nationality selection area college students’ employment.   According to the Tibet Autonomous Region Human Resources and Social Security Department introduced, since 2012 employment aid work started, the central state organs, 17 provinces and municipalities and their […]

Optimize the mahogany consumption environment "Reassuring Consumption Long Triangle" seminar in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province

  Recently, the 2020 China Red Wood Industry Transformation and Upgrade and "Reassuring Consumption Seniors" seminar held in Zhejiang Dongyang. Response "Unconcealing you, let the red wood consumption is more warm" event site, the deputy secretary of the Dongyang Municipal Committee, the mayor, in the meeting The environment has established a national first mahogany furniture product […]

Savings Red Memory Services Red Country – Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Paintings "Shangyi" Volunteer Social Practice Team (Photos) – Zhonghong Net

In order to guide and help the majority of young students combined with the realities "Da’ I Zheng and" in the social classroom, the educational, long-talent, contribution, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts "Shangyi" social practice team in July 5 Dividend to the revolutionary old district, Hong’an County, Hubei Province, and Songzi County, Songzi County, China. […]

Shijiazhuang: "Shimen Spirit" Centennial Factory Party History

On June 22nd, the "Shimen Spirit" Party History of Shijiazhuang Company, located in Zijiazhuang, China, officially built, and became another ideological and political education base in Shijiazhuang City, further enriched the textbooks and platforms of party history education education. With the 116-year-old Middle Car Qi Yin Group Shijiazhuang Company, the predecessor is the Zhengtai Railway […]

Signed a verbin

People’s Network Chengdu September 22 electricity Yangshi Yanjiang District held a funding agreement for the major infrastructure project investment agreement, China Railway Sixth Bureau Group Taiyuan Railway Construction Co., Ltd. signed a framework investment agreement with the Yansheng People’s Government, China Sixth Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and Yanjiang District Tengyan Traffic Construction Group Co., Ltd., […]