Ask the politics Shandong | Vocational College Production Text Adjusted Jiaodong Economic Circle How Integrated Education Mission?

· Lightning News December 9th "Ask Zheng Zheng Shandong" broadcasts 122th, focusing the integrated development of Jiaodong Economic Circles, specializing in politics, Qingdao, Yantai, Weifang, Weihai, Rizhao 5 city related responsible comrades accepted political politics . On December 8, 2020, Jiaodong Five City signed the "Memorandum of Combining Combination of Jiaodong Economic Circle", which proposed […]

Build a new type of police and enterprises in the "Private", they use their actions to help corporate development

People’s Network Beijing On November 15th, the electricity is striving to build a better, efficient rule of law business environment. Liaoning Tieling Municipal Public Security Bureau adheres to the construction of business environment as a central police and "one hand" project, adhere to the work of solving the masses "Pain points, difficulties, plug points" started, […]

Baotou City fully launched new crown virus vaccine to strengthen the needle inoculation

  The reporter learned from the Baotou City Health and Health Committee that in order to further build a national immunization barrier, the reporter has guaranteed a better protection effect of 2 doses vaccination people, according to the national, autonomous region new crown virus vaccination work unified arrangement, October 17 On the day, the Baotou City […]

Spread sports spirit to help rural revitalization – champion athletes entered Shanxi Province

  "Helping the Country Revitalization – Champion Athletes Fighting Two Counties" End, Zou Zhenxian, Song Na, Sun Xiaoyu, Zhang Hui, Man Dandan, Meng Su Tunan Equal Six Champion Athletes Enter the State Sports General Administration to help the County Shanxi Province Yu County, Duo County, sharing the story behind the championship, spreading the spirit of Chinese […]

24.000 vierkante meter woestenij wordt Doudian Town of Fangshan District Park Full "Doys" van de erkenden

Doudian Town Green Scale Transformatie van de weg, waardoor de reikwijdte van de groene planten verkleind, los volledig het probleem van groene plantenstrook op. Doudian Road aan beide zijden van de routekaart voor de transformatie van de stad Fangshan District Doudian van bijna 1670 m lang, juniper heggen omdat de weg te hoog is, te […]

The Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco jointly organized the "Seni Ya" online seminar

People’s Network San Francisco August 12th (Reporter Deng) The Consulate of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco recently held famous in Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, the San Francisco, and the Asian Association. Strengthen unity and opposition to Qiu Yak.com ‘s live seminars. Wang Donghua, the Consul General in San Francisco, […]