Because Li Tianzhen is very cooperative,There is no direct evidence that he was involved in Yuxing’s illegal activities.,So the police only temporarily restricted his freedom,Did not treat him as a suspect。

Shen Yingjie first found Li Tianzhi,He is sitting in a single cell in a daze。
I wanted to have a good chat,Advise this guy not to be so impulsive,Also inform the instructor of the change in attitude,But Li Tianzhen’s performance made Shen Yingjie overwhelmed,Although there is no cynicism,But keep sneer,So she hurriedly said a few words and left。
At dinner,Xiao Yadong came here in person,On the one hand not seen for many years,Retelling,I don’t need to know what’s happening,He has learned the true identity of Li Tianzhu from Liu Qiang,It was just hazy before,Limited to discipline inconvenience,Now I am really happy to reinvent my little brother,But Old Xiao is also very confused,In this Yuxing incident,What role does Li Tianyu play??Why is the national security side like a big enemy。
Once the case involves the national security department,Then the background is extremely difficult,I can tell,Both Liu Qiang and Shen Yingjie have a negative attitude towards Li Tianzhen’s current behavior,Besides, the little brother and Yuxing are inextricably linked,It’s no fun as soon as you plant it,Therefore, Xiao Yadong also has the idea to enlighten and warn Li Tianzhen
“Haven’t seen it for a long time。”Old Xiao smiled and passed the cigarette。
“indeed so。Big brother is now promoted?”Li Tianzhen seems to be back to normal,No rejection of cigarettes,I have been in Liuyunguan for two years,I haven’t touched this stuff for a long time。
“High rise fart,Is exhausted。”Xiao Yadong simply took off the big brimmed hat,“Invite you here,On the one hand is to protect you,On the other hand, I want to restrain your behavior,You are special,Not to interfere with the normal investigation of the case。”
“To understanding。”
The other party’s answer was only two words,This made Lao Xiao’s words that he originally prepared and couldn’t find the target in an instant,He coughed,“Just understand,I also heard that your family has been missing for a week,Trust the police,Will find them soon,Now the people on your end are also fully cooperating,Hope you can restrain yourself。”
“This one……Also understand。”Li Tianzhen’s words are as light as a bowl of white water。
“That’s good。”Xiao Yadong frowned upon hearing this,His age is displayed there,Sophisticated,He has also detected countless cases, large and small,How can I not hear the impatient perfunctory,It’s just that the emotions are very well controlled,Doesn’t seem to be serious,Actually, I didn’t take this rhetorically,So you have to be very vigilant。
“No matter what,Thank you for helping us find Peng Weihua,This is very important for the detection of the case,Take a good rest,Maybe wake up,Have found them。”
“Thank you。”Li Tianzhen doesn’t seem to want to go on,Old Xiao can only get up and leave。