And Qin Hao heard all this,Leidenka and Kakashi went back to their rooms on their own。

Then came the clear sound of the cup being broken。
“I killed him,Actually deducted my goods,Black eat black,This trick is pretty awkward,Then we see who has played。”
There was a roar from inside,No one responded to him。
“Copy guy,Go to the market with me,”Scorpion finished,Came out of the inner house immediately。
This time is a great opportunity,If you do it at this time,There is a high probability that they can be served in one pot。
But Qin Hao didn’t do it,Because a deeper plan emerged in his mind。
Chopping the grass without removing the roots,Spring breeze blows again。
This is obviously not their base camp,It’s just a temporary gathering place for them。
Qin Hao just observed the situation here,I found that there are only a dozen people here。
This is very different from the information he got。
“Didi,Trigger temporary incentive tasks,Destroy the trading market,Stop dark trading in time。”
“Kill the boss Li Li,Cyclops,Leopard head trio。”
“Mission rewards one million merit points,Choose oneAClass Pharmacy。”