Treasure "hidden" story | ‘or days of His Career ": employment aid Tibet Tibetan youth to a broader world

"Tibet’s peaceful liberation and prosperity," the White Paper revealed that about 10% or more per year outside of the Tibetan nationality selection area college students’ employment.

  According to the Tibet Autonomous Region Human Resources and Social Security Department introduced, since 2012 employment aid work started, the central state organs, 17 provinces and municipalities and their counterparts in Tibet Tibet 16 central enterprises to provide a large number of jobs for college graduates in Tibet.

Tibet attaches great importance to outside employment of college graduates in the work area, issued a series of policies to encourage, from 2017 to 2021 were honored graduates of various types of subsidies outside the area of ??employment expenses, life and housing more than 8,700 million, benefiting 9348 people. Wan Thom from the Tibet Autonomous Region Chamdo Dengqen, the 23-year-old, after graduating from college in 2021, just in time for China National Offshore Oil Group Co., Ltd. through employment recruiting college students from Tibet Tibet policy, through layers of assessment, she entered CNOOC Ningbo Daxie petrochemical Co., Ltd., is currently engaged in oil analysis laboratory. Wan Thom ongoing experimental operation.

(For respondents Figure) China National Offshore Oil Group Co., Ltd. group of cadres Fu Xiaoyu said: "Tibet is an important starting point of our job to carry out aid work since 2020, China’s CNOOC recruited 186 college students from Tibet. .

"In addition to direct recruitment of students outside the enterprise Tibet, Tibet Some forces also actively innovation, create more employment path for the Tibetan local students. 2019, Nanjing counterpart support maizhokunggar county working group planning a" special Kelsang flowers Graduate Employment Venture training camp "designed to ease the employment pressure the county college students.

  Nanjing Ninth counterpart support maizhokunggar county Chen Liang, deputy head of the working group reports, Training Camp conducted by organizing unemployed college students in Nanjing, training, internships, help them understand the career planning, career counseling and job, in order to achieve employment.

It has been successfully held twice, a total of 67 students successfully graduated, the employment rate of 100%. Once the soil Phuntsok is a member of the first session of training camp this year, 26-year-old from Lhasa maizhokunggar county worker card village. After graduating in 2019, Phuntsok soil once at home unemployed.

"Days of His Career, I want the outside world to learn experience.

"Once soil Phuntsok said. Once the soil Phuntsok is working. (Respondents for map) in July 2019, the staff of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of maizhokunggar county to county students preach" Kelsang flowers Graduate Employment entrepreneurship Training camp. "Phuntsok know immediately after the earth once signed up, four months after learning in Nanjing, he explore their strengths and interests, successful entry of a company in Jiangsu.

Because outstanding performance this year, he became the head of one branch, a monthly income of 8,000 yuan. December 1 to 2, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Tibet and other 17 provinces, municipalities and held jobs outside the Tibet Autonomous Region of Tibet cum zone "tour-style" market-oriented employment will promote the site in Huangshi. Currently, only Hubei Province counterpart support to absorb the mountains of Tibet and studied 188 university graduates.

  Group after group of college students from the Tibetan plateau out into the wider world of work, according to their own preferences, the freedom to choose the direction of future development.

  Text Reporter: Jin Yiqing poster shoot: Li Xin Poster: Tenzin Nubu (Editor: often Bangli).