boom!The fire is soaring into the sky,The tank platform was penetrated by a large hole about ten meters in diameter,The platform suddenly fell apart,Whether it’s a tank,Or the soldier attached to the platform,Heavy casualties。

At this moment,The soldiers of Tie Qin Kingdom saw it with horror,From high above the clouds,The huge hull faintly exposed。
“Dai Zong ship!Oh my god!This is a space-class floating warship!”
“Are Ye Koreans crazy??How could the universe-class floating battleship be transferred to the Jinghu defense line??”
however,What makes them even more unexpected is,Gradually revealing his figure in the sky,Not only the Dai Zong ship,But one floating battleship after another,All showed their fangs at them。
This moment,The commander-in-chief of the Sixth Army of the Iron Qin Kingdom,I didn’t hesitate to think I was in an ambush,This is a conspiracy,It’s a naked murder!
According to the intelligence of Tieqinguo’s secret service,The most powerful floating warships in Korea at night,All focused on the final line of defense,Because it’s the most important weapon of the country,It’s almost used to defend the capital,How could it suddenly appear on the Jinghu Line?
And because of that,The Sixth Army of the Tieqin Kingdom was not ready to face the airship at all,Their air power,Also all arming on the most important line of defense,To prevent the impact of those alien monsters。
Like Ye Korea,Transfer all the most powerful floating warships in the country to fight the Qin people,This is simply a crazy move。
To know,If there are not a few floating warships,Once the final line of defense encounters an army of monsters,,Can’t hold it at all。
If only a floating warship came,Then Tieqin’s army might be able to rely on the heroism of the flying soldiers,Storm up,Seize air superiority。
But now it’s not a ship,But several,In other words,In order to deal with the sixth army,All the floating ships in the country were transferred。
To know,The reason why the Seven Great Wars have been able to maintain balance for so many years,The reason lies in these floating warships。
These floating warships are not contemporary products,It was excavated and repaired from prehistoric civilization,Once damaged,Only the core circle can provide repair technical support,Whether it is night Korea,Tie Qin Guo,There is not enough technical force to repair this super-era war weapon。
Floating warships have always been regarded as strategic weapons,Focus on shock,Between the Seven Great Wars,Seldom really put this stuff on fire。