They followed but for the benefit after the pirate fight,If Leo doesn’t make a move,Didn’t they just drank northwest wind this trip。

Even some sub-officers have thrown out some benefits,After compromise,Only then won this battle with Leo。
Leo doesn’t do it,Not only did they not earn,Still blood loss。
Countless thoughts flashed through a group of people。
Leo is not in a hurry,This group of navy must be more urgent than him。
“Since Major Leo wants to rescue civilians,As the navy, we are naturally willing to follow!”
Soon the headed lieutenant began to speak。
“That’s good,Log in directly!”Leo stood up。
“Yes!”After the surrounding navy made a decision, they also took out weapons to prepare for battle。
Looking at the majestic appearance of the navy,Leo suddenly wanted to laugh。
If those islanders waiting for rescue on the island see this scene,I must feel that the marines are desperate to save civilians like them.?
Will even be very moved?
The navy is not slow,Rushed out one by one,
Except for a few pirates on board the navy,Most people followed Leo to the island。
“Green Bull,There may be pirate officers here,You help them clean up,Then we will join me in the island!”
“Woo!”Green Bull nodded。
Leo walked towards the island without looking back。