“Didn’t you find a few gangster?Are you going to lock Yunyun in?!I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person,You are really not worthy of being a sister!”

Warm Nuan was once again refreshed by the shameless mother and daughter,Somewhat ridiculous,Could it be that if it wasn’t that I could protect myself,Isn’t it dead by Wen Yunyun now??
Now Yu Shan dare to accuse herself of cruelty,Unworthy to be a sister,Warm and warm, too lazy to reason with the dog,Left directly。
Yu Shan still wants to catch up and say something,But was caught by Wen Guohao,“Do not impulse!Now that girl is with Master Situ,We are hitting the stone with the pebble,Let’s go back and find a way to rescue Yunyun!”
a,The two Wen couples work together,After looking for a lot of relationships, Wen Yunyun was taken out of the prison,Wen Yunyun lost her temper as soon as she got home,Asking my parents why they didn’t release themselves on bail earlier。
I heard Situ Yan intervened,Even more angry,Blame all this responsibility on the warm head,Never thought of what I did。
After Wen Yunyun cleans up,,Went to school。
Also because of jail time,I always feel that some classmates around me look very strange,I hate the warmth even more。
“What to see!”
Wen Yunyun can’t bear it,Because she found out that the classmates around her got together and watched her talk,How can she stand this??
“We didn’t say anything about you!Why are you so guilty?!Are you going to have an abortion??”
On weekdays, there are some people who can’t understand Wen Yunyun so that the girls choke immediately,I feel even more contemptuous,Seeing Wen Yunyun got her eyes,Full of mockery。
Hear words,Wen Yunyun was angry immediately,Where did I feel this kind of anger?,“what did you say?You bitch!”
“Yo!Isn’t it what I said??So anxious,Stepped on your tail?Ah yo,I’m so scared!”