After the meeting,She wanted to go back to Pingzhen immediately,But when I thought of what Deputy Mayor Zhao said to her,Hesitated,I went to Deputy Mayor Chen’s office。

I didn’t expect when she went in,Secretary Li of Pingyang Town did not know what he was talking about with Deputy Mayor Chen?Anyway, two people are talking about laughing。
“Mayor Ouyang!Just want to call you,I didn’t expect you to come by yourself“Vice Mayor Chen raised his head,Chong Ouyang Hong said with a faint smile。
Ouyang Hong found a chair and sat down,She smiled and said:“Congratulations to Mayor Chen for leading our city,There are many things in Pingyang Town that will trouble you in the future“Ouyang Hong tried her best。
“Congratulations,Not just an acting mayor。Listen to the meaning in the words of Mayor Ouyang,I haven’t taken care of your things in Pingyang Town before?Don’t forget,I am the master of Pingyang Town“Vice Mayor Chen’s face changed slightly and said。
Ouyang Hong didn’t expect to make a slip of the tongue,I was caught by Deputy Mayor Chen,She had to say with a smile:“I am stupid,Mayor Chen forgive me“
“Leave it alone,I want to talk to you,Your office building in Pingyang Town,Didn’t it mean that the startup group helped build it??Why hasn’t it happened yet??You have to be the mayor“Vice Mayor Chen’s topic changed,Speaking of this again。
Ouyang Hong nodded and said:“President Xia of Venture Group,A lot of things happened in our city recently,I’m not in a hurry to say this,Moreover,Taohe Dike, Pingyang Town,I didn’t spend less money“
“Ouch, Mayor Ouyang,Why do you always think about them,People are a group company,Not so short of money。Just now, Secretary Li said that the car in your town is out of order,I’ll talk to Mr. Xia,Not just a car??Actually my car has reached its end of life“Deputy Mayor Chen said,Take a look at Secretary Li。
Ouyang Hong was taken aback,She didn’t understand the meaning of the words of Vice Mayor Chen,I got nothing to say for a while。
I saw Secretary Li pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose,Ha ha smiled:“Waiting for Xia Jian to return to Pingyang Town,By the way, I have a mouth,Is getting a car for the city leaders an investment in construction??“He said by himself,Actually laughed myself。
“No no no,Can’t make this,Would violate discipline,Got a car to the city government,Not for me,But it’s not my own business“Although Vice Mayor Chen said so,But my face is still blooming。
Ouyang Hong saw these two people chat together,It’s kind of endless,She can’t sit still,When preparing to get up,Deputy Mayor Chen glanced at her,Said coldly:“If Mayor Ouyang has nothing else to do,,Can go now“
“Mayor Chen,I heard that the province has allocated a batch of poverty alleviation funds,Can you consider our leisure agriculture this time,Now is a critical period,But there is still a big gap in funding“Ouyang Hong finally mustered his courage,I said what I was thinking。
Vice Mayor Chen’s face sank and said:“Your news is pretty good?“
“I also listened to others,If there is such a thing,I ask Deputy Mayor Chen to take care of Pingyang Town”Ouyang Hong stood up while talking。