This is Wright’s fifteenth time in the Sunset Mountains。

And when I first entered the Sunset Mountains,The temperament of the whole person is completely different。
When I first entered the Sunset Mountains,Wright is just a student of the Magic Academy,Although the strength is good,Also belong to the academy“Warlords”,But after all fledgling,Any adventurer or businessman with a sharp eye can see that he is immature。
And now,Wright’s body exudes an aura that no one else is near,Even though it looks a little young,But no one dares to underestimate。
This is in the sunset mountains,Killed a hundred monsters before and after,The momentum that gradually formed after the bloody killing。
Wright’s strength,I usually disdain those weak monsters。
Some low-level warcraft,If you don’t actively attack,Or attack other humans in front of Wright,Wright would not attack。Worth hunting for Wright,At least Level 7 Warcraft,And the ones that are truly worthy of Wright’s challenge are all eight-level warcraft。Of course most of the time,The eighth-level monster still ran away in front of Wright,Even if there are five eighth-level monsters that died in Wright’s hands like this。
“Ok,Five Heads and Eight Levels of Warcraft,Add some magic cores of level seven monsters,The total value is almost three million gold coins!”Wright thought,Today’s own strength,I have dug up,Simply experience in the mountains,It’s hard to make big progress,Maybe it’s time to go back to the capital。In the imperial capital,Life is more peaceful,Instead, you can have more time to practice,Whether it is mental strength or grudge,It takes time to accumulate。
Wright Thinking Room,Suddenly I saw a group of flying birds in the sky ahead,Faintly screaming from the beast,Roar,fight,The sound of magic bombing。
“Is Warcraft fighting??It seems that I can pick up a bargain today……”Wright squinted his eyes,Little feet,Acts as agile and agile as an ape,Easily jumped onto the canopy of a big tree,Looking at the direction of the warcraft fighting。
Wright’s pupils shrank slightly,Hide in the tree canopy。
That is a beautiful monster。The wings spread out about twenty meters long,Strong and powerful!Body is streamlined,Both paws are dark gray,It feels as hard as steel,The feathers on the abdomen are light blue,The feathers covering the wings and body are pale golden。Looking down proudly,There are three blue feathers on top of the head,Straight to the sky!A sharp black beak with a sharp hook at the end,A pair of blood-red eyes adds a beauty to it!
Chapter 22 struggle
Wright took a breath:“This is Thunder Eagle?wrong,Thunder Eagle is much smaller,This is actually a level nine monster,Lei Yun Peng Diao!”
Leiyun Pengsiao is a very mysterious beast,Even in history,No more than five sightings。I only know that Leiyun Pengsiao is in the 9th level of Warcraft,It is also the most powerful one,Flying fast,Possess lightning attributes,Can release powerful lightning magic through the wings。Wright remembers about,The black clouded leopard of this Warcraft and Warcraft Mountains、The feather snake of the Dark Forest is also known as the three largest mysterious monster。Humans have a deeper understanding of Sanctuary Warcraft than these three major warcrafts。
But at the moment,This beautiful monster is scarred,The blue halo on the feather surface is dim,The armor of the thunder system is crumbling by the attack。Even so,The armor couldn’t completely defend against the attack,Breakthrough once in a while,Lei Yunpeng carved a new scar on his body。With pale golden blood dripping on the ground。