This IQ,According to her claim,Is the daughter of the hell king。

Liao Jie suspected that she was still in the middle of the year.,Be fell by hell king,More than once。
“Two,Let me talk about what I am here.,Five days ago,Hell Saint Fujiang attacked the exorcist family alliance headquarters,This is the beginning,Hell’s conspiracy layout emerges water surface”Liao Jie tells the intelligence in his hand with the most concise language,Including why Tokyo is so busy these two days,Everyone is busy,Preventing the door of hell from opening over Tokyo。
“Who is Fujiang?,Is the hell of the Saint Ashura??”
Empty cut and peacock,Under the appointment, I looked at each other.,And then discarding the sight at the same time。
“Look like,You have never heard of this person.。”
Liao Jie,Important intelligence,Smile and see Ashura,Briefly describes the charm of Fujiang:“Little sister,You are the daughter of the hell king,Do you know Fujiang??”
Ashuo wants to think,Silently shake your head,I don’t know, I don’t know.,Ingchao also doesn’t know。
“This way.”
Liao Jie low-looking down the ass,The latter eyebrows,I don’t know what is thinking.。
“Mr. Kurosaki,I don’t do anything else.,Aphrodize,How much is your information?,How to be different from I know??”Hell king、Justice、Hell seal、Four big magic cars and other important intelligence。
He lives in Tokyo to stop two demon women,Although the opening of the Tokyo Magic Grotte did not stop in time,But the culprit has already caught it.,Theoretically exceeded the task。
Now listen to Liao Jie tells another information that opens the door of hell,Panasonic’s heart has collapsed,Trouble,Hell king is successfully broken,It’s more than a set of programs in place.。
Liao Jie did not speak,Digestive information,Ask Ashura:“There are four in the magic cave,Tokyo is open,Where is your next stop??”
“Harbor Island。”Ashuo replied。
Liao Jie,After a moment,Touch the phone to call a phone。
New clues about hell points to Harbor Island,According to reason, he should kill Hong Kong Island this time.,Personally guard,I want to think or decide to stay in Tokyo.。
It may be a disaster film.,Refer to the end of the world,He first thought that the sacrifices of sacrifices were concentrated in the US.,Tokyo can only be in the second echelon,As for Hong Kong Island
have,But the quantity is really not much。
“Hey,Lyon?,it’s me。”
“Ager,How do you change the number?,Still international long distance?”
“I am in neon number,If you are interested, you can write down.。”
Liao Jie casually,Direct access:“I am in Tokyo, I am in the Tokyo.,Received a clue,There is a evil spirits to open the ghost door in Hong Kong Island,Do you pay attention,Situation is not simple,Don’t be sucked by the other party.。”
“real or fake,Didn’t fool me,Since it is so serious,Why don’t you get it yourself??”
“busy,Not bother。”
“You know,Moreover,You are ghost experts,It’s too much to deal with ghosts.,Remember how to make milk,Can take the company’s account。”
“This is your peace of mind,I have already passed many times.。”
Telephone hang up,Liao Jie is relieved,Although Lyon is not very reliable,But at a critical moment,Only he is most reliable。
“Mr. Kurosaki,How did your voice change??”
Empty cut looked at Liao Jie,Remind:“And what is the ghost gate?,Do you say something wrong?,It should be the door of hell,This is an important intelligence about life.,It’s a dead.。”
“Situation is a bit complicated,Long-distance shortness is equal to not saying,So I don’t explain to you.。”
Liao Jie stood up,Looking at the dark sky:“It’s still early,Peacock,I want to see you with your Master.,Can you help me arrange??”
“Mr. Kurosaki,My Master does not see the outside world.,Can you talk to me first??”