On the big screen,That angular face,Almost dumped all beings。

In terms of appearance,The last singer on stage is even better than Ren Jialin。
Take a closer look at Yushi,This person is actually Ji Yunfeng!
She knew,He lied to her to go out and call,Actually go to prepare for the stage。
Ji Yunfeng sang the song by Chen Baiqiang《just like you》,Yushi remembered telling him accidentally,She loves to listen to old songs,especially《just like you》。
Yushi looked at Ji Yunfeng on the stage intently,His voice is very soft,The high and low frequencies are just right。
I was intoxicated by the poetry,But she never thought he sang the last song,What she didn’t even expect was,He sings very well,No worse than professional singers。
Ji Yunfeng, Ji Yunfeng,How many treasures you have that I haven’t discovered?
The blurred lights on the stage are reflected on him,Looks very unreal,He is in a fairyland,As graceful and charming as a fairy。
The audience on the stage was intoxicated,Listen to him sing quietly。
Sing a song,Music stopped,He didn’t step down,But took a few steps forward,Said:“Nowadays,There is a very important person on the scene,This song is a gift from me。So I was a little nervous after playing,Worried about being jokes by her,I am not a professional singer after all,Can’t compare with the previous singers。”
The audience suddenly cheered,Obviously,Everyone disagrees with what he said,He sings very well。
“Want to know who she is?”Ji Yunfeng asked loudly to the audience。
“miss you!”The audience answered in unison。
The little heart of Yushi was lifted up instantly,Isn’t he talking about her??
I saw Ji Yunfeng make a gesture,Someone in the background brought up a bunch of flowers,He walked down the stage holding flowers。
The chasing lights followed him to the first row of VIP seats and stopped,He waved to the audience,Hint to everyone,The important people he said are sitting in this row。
Just when Yu Shi thought he was going to her,Ji Yunfeng sent flowers to sit in the first rowCZhang Wenya。
“Let me introduce to everyone,This is Ms. Zhang Wenya, the chairman of Hengneng Real Estate,The reason why I gave her flowers,Because I want to thank her for raising such a cute、Beautiful and smart daughter。”
That’s it,Zhang Wenya guessed what he was going to say next even if he didn’t get over。