But now this situation,I’m afraid I can only wait。

This time,Go to another restaurant or hotel to book a private room,It must be too late。
Fang Yu glanced at the waiter,“Why don’t you take me to see?”
“Doctor Fang,You too?”
Zhai Yun surprised。
Fang Yu,Really versatile!
Fang Yu actually doesn’t,I just perceive a noise not far away。
perhaps,Noise is the source of the problem!
“Just understand!”
Fang Yu modest way。
“Row,Follow me……”
Waiter knows,Led Fang Yu to the computer room。
Fang Yu followed the sound,Finally found the source of the problem in the corner。
“You find someone over,There is a problem here!”
Fang Yu ordered。
Waiter nodded,Keep on looking for help。