They also want to learn summer,Unfortunately, their arrow,Can’t catch the flashing opportunity。

In fact,Even if summer is also a bit。
When he turned over a dwarf with a giant force,There are countless dwarves rapidly with countless dwarfs.。
Summer can only kill two to three dwarfs in this。
So that is the case,His record,Make people look tongue。
The following is like a tide rush,Each arrow is shot,Will always bring a blum rain。
Standing not far,The face of Torson and the ancient river change again。
Summer is strong to make two people feel unbelievable,And the same huge pressure。
Especially in the realm of the other archery,That kind of mission,Strike a heartbeat。
“team leader,The archery is high.。”
The ancient river is angry,Just how much less is insufficient,“Captain, you have a number of roads,Fire clouds have been large,And is a veritable refinerie,How can the kid be more than you?。”
Torson silence,眼 阴 阴。
http://www.ffsos.cn ……
Dwarf elite has paid enough cost,Finally rushed to the city gate。
Behind them,It is like a flood-like dwarf army,It is also within a short time,Thoroughly spread。
At the end of the field of view,Survival。
They roared,Crazy ladder,Flying up。
And those dwarf elite,I didn’t participate in the attack.。
They collectively aligned the city gate,Flashing the giant ax,I took a remember。
Dareful sound,And a dramatic tremor,Always spread to the city。
The army of the city is all awkward。
Those sounds,Let them feel the foundation of the foot seems to be slowly cut off。
The city gate is the creation of cuisine.,Also a gold gate outside。
Make a reason,Usually the sword is difficult to hurt。
But when the dwarf is elite,Intensive,Bombardment,In addition http://www.geilishow.cn to a runoff,There are countless iron filings.。
A lady is like a big tree that is hidden by the giant ax。
Take note of the military soldiers of this scene,Nothing does not push a cold,Face is white bloodless。
The Dwarf Elite’s giant ax is actually the city gate of the city.?
this……How can it be!
Although the city gate loss is slight,Can be so,Can’t let go of dripping。
City Star Lord,The look of the night Ji suddenly gains。
The back of Zhou Weitai and the clouds are also horrified.。
“Star,These dwarf elite giants,Mentally fused the god iron,them……They are ready to come。”
God iron,In the road-threaded world, it is a rare and sharp.。
This god iron is extremely hard,Very difficult to refine。
In all metals,The front of the god iron is more famous in the world.。
Even if the night censive did not expect,Western forces those killed,I actually give the dwarf.。