Bei Gong Mad Saber frowned,Shook his head:“Of course not the same!Not much to say,Hurry out and kill him!Don’t let others see!”

Bei Gongwang narrowed his eyes,After a while,Shook his head:“strange!I can’t lift that sword!”
“waste!Go get the sword!I will kill him!”Bei Gong Knife Furious Road。
The voice has not fallen,Beigong Crazy Sabre has already carried the ruling,Like an arrow from the string,Broke through the gap in the courtyard wall。
He really doesn’t have time to talk nonsense,Because of that blow,Although the Beigong Changhe was seriously injured,But he has made an exception,Caused too much noise,Most likely to alarm other people in the mansion。
This is for Beigong Crazy Blade,It’s already a bad idea,That’s why he is so impatient。
really,When Bei Gong was chasing out with the ruling,There are already several Beigong family guards who have heard the news beside the Beigong Changhe.。
Bei Gong mad knife says nothing,Swept across,Burst of energy,It turned out to be a large-scale attack,It seems that he deliberately wants to kill the clansmen present。
Those guards who watched the night are also unlucky,I hurried over when I heard the movement,As a result, I saw the Great Elder Changhe of the North Palace crawling on the ground,Bleeding all over,The scene is terrible。
Didn’t wait for them to react
,Look up,I saw the patriarch Beigong crazy knife chasing menacingly,A stick falls,Black eyes,No idea anymore。
Beigong Changhe took another hit,But he hasn’t died yet,Instead, under the cover of those hapless guards,Desperately back,Retreat,The only strength left on one side,Yelled:“Come here!Assassin!”
He howled,Finally shocked the entire Beigong Mansion。