Ding Haijun, who is rare to go home once at a regular time,Once home,I found that the atmosphere at home was not right,He looked at his wife who was sitting on the sofa and watching TV in a daze,Look at her nonchalant daughter who is typing something on her laptop,There is a word for a while, the second monk can’t figure it out:“What’s wrong with you girls?”
“Nothing,”Hu Jin’s faint way:“Your daughter plans to live with someone,Then have children with,And never get married forever,I don’t know what your father would think……”
“Who?He dare?!”
Hu Jin’s words haven’t finished yet,Ding Haijun exploded immediately:“Who is this bastard??Dare to harm my girl like this?speak out,I never finished with him!”
Miss my daughter,Have a look,Since childhood, she has been the coveted daughter-in-law of countless colleagues in the compound;Have a degree,Huaqing’s top students can talk about it everywhere.?;Have the ability,The battery company that I started is now booming.,Even mobile phone giants like Nokia and Motorola buy batteries from my daughter;Character,Everyone doesn’t praise my daughter for being a gentle temper?
Such a good daughter,I don’t even know which bastard was so confused,How did Comrade Old Ding accept this situation??
“OK,Save it,I don’t believe you don’t know who this kid is,”Hu Jin interrupted Ding Haijun without angrily,Then he snarled in the direction of Ding Ruoyan:“Here,This is what they said。”
Comrade Old Ding was suddenly a little embarrassed,He turned his head angrily to look at his daughter:“Girl,Tell me,what is the problem?”
“Chen Geng proposed to me today,”Ding Ruo didn’t raise his cigarette butt:“He wants to marry me。”
Comrade Ding who was full of anger just now,The whole person was stunned:Chen Geng proposed to his daughter?!
As the second in command of the foreign affairs department,No one knows how troublesome the marriage between his daughter and Chen Geng is like Ding Haijun.、How complicated、How complicated,Just say so,domestic,I don’t want my baby daughter to marry Chen Geng,I think there are as many people who want their daughter to marry Chen Geng。
He is not very clear about the situation in the US,But Ding Haijun thinks it should not be any better,But at this moment,My daughter suddenly told herself that Chen Geng had proposed to her?!
For a time,He has joy in his heart……Not sad,It’s very complicated anyway,There is one“My daughter finally waited for this day,I’m not mistaken about you Chen Geng”Comfort,There is another“Next you are in trouble”Helpless。
“But I heard you say that if I marry Chen Geng,May have a great impact on you,”Before I wait for Comrade Dingcai to open his mouth,Ding Ruoyan continued:“You said you want to retreat to the second line,Isn’t it because of me??So i refused,But I plan to give him a baby。”
Looking at Ding Haijun with his mouth slightly open,Ding Ruoyan did not hesitate:“I’m not discussing with you,Just to inform you that i want to do this,Don’t get me wrong。”
“No way!I disagree!”For a while,Comrade Old Ding felt that the breath in his chest finally came up,Said with a sharp face:“I don’t care what you think,My daughter must be upright、Marry out honestly!What retreats to the second line,Big deal i quit……”