Lin Shuoxia:“I see,This time,The other party is very hidden,It seems that Gu An’an’s 婶,But the woman is very calm,Our people surrounded their family,A person who is very calm,Eating,Give it to drink,Go to sleep,Nor to work,It’s not a mahjong all day, it’s shopping.。

Relying on the gray car,There is no way to determine it is Gu Anan,Even if it is an accident,Not a car of Gu An An 婶,But a black car,No evidence,The police also have no way。
The way we think,There is no connection between them,There is no way to achieve,I can only wait for the timing now.。”
European:“I see。”
Ou Xiang hangs after the phone,Packing things,ready to off work。
Yu Siyun came in,Ning Feifei also came in,The two people have a stack of information in their hands.。
Yu Siyun looked at Ning Feifei,Laugh:“Fifi,Excuse me,I also sorted a secretary to the European secretary.,Thanks a lot。”
Ning Feifei is polite laughing laugh,Not talking,Instead, I walked to the desk of His Sujing.:“European secretary,This is the information I have sorted out.,Euro secretary, you have time to see。”
To change the pocket,I have to change my head first.。
But it depends on how it is planned.,She would rather crawling down the earth,Will not be like after Siyun,Stepping on others。
NS967chapter:Fengzi married
“it is good!Thanks for your hard work!”
Ou Jing is a slight look at her,“You have to work hard tonight.?”
Ning Feifei nodded:“Um!May be around two hours。”
European:“Don’t be too late,Recent workload is very large,But the title is more important。”
Ning Feifei is dragged down ,He may be crazy alone。
Ning Feifei listens to his concern,Happy smile:“Thank you, Euro Secretary,But I also support it.。”
She has no boyfriend,Nothing special things,Going home is just idle,It’s better to add a class here.,Can earn mom’s medical expenses。
Ning Feifei turned out,Yu Siyun smiled and put his information in the face of European:“European secretary,This is the information I have reorganized.,Although Fifi also made the same one,But still ask the European secretary to see my。”
European,Not friendly look at her:“Manager,Are you not doing??”
Yu Siyun:“”She is also very busy.,How can I do it??
“European secretary,I just want to make up my fault.。”
She said that she is straightforward。
European:“Someone doing things,You don’t have to repeat again.,And I don’t have to watch it again.,time is tight,Don’t waste each other。”
“European secretary,I”“go out。”
European does not listen to her explanation,Earlier can end,Also have a comeback,He is already very hot.。
Recently, he wanted to kill people.。
Ou Jing Yan Jianchao Star,Hover,The sharp eyes swept a look。
Yu Siyun looked at this sharp look.,The whole person is invisible to the autonomous trembling 。
“go out,Don’t do anything that is useless,Work hard on your hand.。”
European is full of incompatibility。
“it is good!”
Yu Siyun also angry。
Yu Siyun out of the door,Looking back angry staring at the door of the European。
Aunt said there is no mistake.,This temper of this European is really quirky。
No wonder no girlfriend is not a,Such a man,There is no such taste.,I don’t know how romantic,Beautiful woman who saw it,I am too lazy to see it.,It’s really not chaotic.,Clearly。
“Humph!Wait, then,European,I will definitely let you look at it.。”
Yu Si Yun lips smile confidently,The beautiful face is like a layer of cold cream.,She hits her own office to pack things.,ready to off work。
At night,Lu Si took Rayling home,Ready to tell moms,Mu Qing and Yi Nianqi are at home。
Le Yu knows that they have something to say,Nothing to go home,But after discharge,Go to the company to continue working。