Lin Ping also looked confused,Know what Chu’s big brother should think about?。

“Laudno’s age……Actually I still know this kind of thing?”Chu Deirers faintly feel somewhat wrong,Even you have already set up ideas,After that, go to Qunfuyuan,Check if Cheterno has a consumption record!
Linghu Chong and Lin Ping,There is no shortage,However, Lin Ping is obviously,This is not a coincidence。
“correct,What is your previous injury??People who met the Shaishanpai?It will not be too touched by the fixed teacher.?”Chu Deirers asked curiously。
“no,I don’t know where the evil master,I found it seems to track Lin Shi and Xiaoshi,I have followed a paragraph,A cauter,A knife first,Later……”Linghu Chong did not say,However, it is clear that he is seriously injured to himself.。
The strength of the person,Linghu Chong feels that it is seriously dealing with himself.,Not a level that can’t be won!
But who is specifically,Linghu Chong does not know,Even……
After all, I stared at Lin Ping’s evil.,Who is unclear?、There is no need to divide。
The Chu Deirers are very curious.:“Wugong road number?”
He is also preparing to draw a lucky evil master.……
“Don’t come out,Anyway, use a knife。”Linghu Chong is not very powerful。
“Laudno’s things,How did you know?”Chu Deirers and Lin Ping,I haven’t told the fox to now.,I have long known this.。
Linghu rush is not so sensitive,Otherwise, if it is changed to Huang Rong、Ren Yingying,I am afraid that I have doubtful,Chu Deirers and Lin Ping have already known the matter, or how can I ask now??
“Before Hengshan,Do the bureau to lead me and Yin Master,It should be that,I……I later……I follow them,Hearing them to mention Laudno。”Some words in the middle of the fox。
He is eager to leave Hengshan is also very simple.,Let me think that the little teacher and the young brother may be dangerous.,I can’t open it to Hengshan,The second brother is a laigue of the lam.!
If you don’t say anything,And he has no effect……
Chapter 385 Patting a lucky evil party
“In short, the current suspicion of Laudno is the largest.!Master is also coming to Fuzhou,Brother,This time you have your right to hide,I have not told the teacher yet.,To avoid stuffing in front of Laudno,Let’s have a way,Lead himself to expose the crime!”Lin Ping feels,Your sword spectrum also wants“pay”,It is better to play more,By the way, the help of the fox。
Let the fox,There is still some embarrassment,I just didn’t save him in my dreams.……
“We are not us,Be you,Sword spectrum, you have also received,I have to go to Wudang,And Zhang Zhen people discuss something。”Chu Deirers a pair of herself and Zhang Zhen people。
“Is Zhang Zhen people cleared??”Lin Ping’s doubts。
“Hey,If you can’t get it,Then I have to talk to Song Heime.。”Chu deer shelf ends。
“Then I wish Chu’s big brother.,Next time I came to Fuzhou,I am very good at the teacher.。”Lin Ping is very ordinary。
Linghu Zhu feels“Just now”Laudno is lightly……
“Before June,I may be in the middle,If you want to find me in the middle,Can go to Qunfuyuan。”Chu Deirers hesitated,Have said more。
Linghu rush has not responded yet,Lin Ping’s heard of God、At the same time, I said with gratitude.:“Thank you!”
Why is Lin Ping to go to Chuan??
Sichuan,In addition to the Emei,There is also a family——Qingcheng!
Although Chu Demen did not actively rush to help,But if yourself in Sichuan,Lin Ping wants to revenge,Chu Deirers helped Town Town and did not taste。
Chinese people,Chu Deirers will not shout directly to Yu Yuhai,After all, the Qingcheng party is not a Fuwei Dart Office.,Chu Deirers have not yet become a point where it is also the case.。
Just if Lin Ping is revenge,Qingcheng sent more to bully、Or else other martial arts want to cross a bar,Then you can reflect Chu Deirers“Town farm”Role!
Chu Deirers feel that he is the second,If you want to be the town of this,Rui Huahai and Lin Ping,Dare to give your own face,There should be no。
After all, Lin Ping and Yu Yuhai have a father.、Kill,Although Yu Huahai has a reputation of Qingcheng,Not because of a door,It is regarded as a evil road,But if someone wants to fight the name of mediation,Holding the revenge of Lin Ping,That Chu Deee as a friend,Insert one hand is also normal。
But this is short for half a year,Whether Lin Ping grows to the extent of single-champion?
That deserves? After the lucky evil master was drawn on that night,,How’s the effect……
at this time? Lin Xiaozhuang? A fat two people——And you have two Ma Guangzuo——Super fat,Emergencies in the moonlight。
The evil road master that made Fox Chong followed? After that, no appearance,But when I released a small red alert? But I found this guy.……
At this time, although Fuzhou weather is not? But if the two are wiped out from time to time? Even this flow is not sweat……Leave two beach oil print on the cuff!