Meet Ming brother、Hancock’s skill-based strongman can play for a long time before the winner can be divided.。

“Idiots,You forgot the purpose of finding the boss?What newspaper to read now?”Sern suddenly spoke again。
Everyone has no time to stare at Seun,All looked at Leo。
After Thorn’s reminder, Trang remembered the purpose of his group looking for Leo.。
“Boss,You hurry up!Our zoo is about to be demolished by the Tianlong people!”
“Oh?There are many Tianlong people?”Leo is not surprised。
The kind of mental retardation of Charros must be pretending to be crazy in front of a group of Dragon people,Those Tianlong people can’t help it。
Everyone is Denon,Why is your mount so good。
Leo can even imagine,Charl Rose, a sulky beast, rode a monster around the Draco who was riding a slave,The scene of laughing while despising。
Those Tianlong people are afraid to be mad?
“How is it going?”
Trang’s bitter face,He felt that he was almost beaten to death by the Tianlong people。
“What else,Are all yelling to find you,I will tear down the zoo if I can’t see you!”Trang Got。“Luckily, Saint Charles helped,That Leo won’t sell monster mounts in three days,This only eased a bit。”
but,It’s not that simple,Those Denon people all sent their men to stay in the zoo,You have to report once you see Leo。
Unfortunately, Leo didn’t show up for three days。
can,Tomorrow is the three-day deadline,The group of Tianlong people must be unstoppable。