“Secretary Wang,This bitch is meeting his lover here,I hit him,So they even killed people”Liu Yousheng gritted his teeth and said to Secretary Wang。But what he said has a head and a face,If someone who doesn’t know the inside story really thinks what he said is true。

Secretary Wang slowly understood,He hurriedly pulled away Liu Yousheng’s hand that held his arm tightly and said:“I said Lao Liu!Don’t mess around here,What lover is not lover,There are a lot of people around Xiaoxia’s girlfriend,All beautiful and beautiful,Why would he like your yellow-faced lady?”Ginger is still old and spicy after all。
“Not Secretary Wang,The two of them hugged each other when I opened the door,I saw it with my own eyes”Liu Yousheng’s strong argument。
Secretary Wang’s face changed,Screamed:“Nonsense,Tonight everyone in the compound knows that Mayor Ma and I invited Xia Jian to eat here,You will find something is wrong with them only when I go to the bathroom?You are too hard to make up!”
“Secretary Wang!I thought you were an upright official,It seems you are all wearing a pair of pants。OK then!I will die here tonight,I see how you end up”Liu Yousheng said,Twisted butt and sat on the chair,The blood in his head is getting bigger and bigger,If you don’t bandage it in time, it will really go wrong。
Ma Xiaofeng can’t stand anymore,She asked with a pale face:“Liu Yousheng!What do you want to do?Don’t guard against speaking straight,No need to toss”
“You bitch!If you want this to be handled fairly,You call the police right away,Otherwise I will die here”Liu Yongsheng’s blood on his face,Can’t see any expression on his face。
Secretary Wang glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Call the police,The police are not foolish”Secretary Wang said,So he took out his cell phone and called Lei Yu, the director of the Pingyang Town Police Station.。
Everyone is in the same compound,Plus it’s raining outside,Thunderstorm may not go out,So a few minutes,He rushed over with a policeman。
Liu Yousheng saw the police coming,Then there came a wicked person to sue,He shouted loudly:“Policemen!This bitch gang sympathizes with the husband and kills,You see how he beat me up”
Thunderstorm took a look at the situation in the house,And said to Liu Yousheng:“You can’t talk nonsense,I also know,Secretary Wang and Mayor Ma invite Xia Jian to drink tonight,Because Mayor Ma arranged for her to cook some dishes in the canteen,Everyone who eats in the cafeteria knows this time,So what you said is not the truth”
“But I saw them with my own eyes…”Liu Yousheng still wants to argue,But the thunderstorm screamed:“Stop fooling around,Bandage it in the hospital first”Thunderstorm said,Winked at the police who came with,The police dragged Liu Yousheng to the town health center。
Ma Xiaofeng took a breath and said:“Director Lei!Ugly,go ahead!We tell you all the facts of what happened here。I’m embarrassed to bring in Xia Jian,Blame me for this”