Create basic non-illegal construction area Beijing Pinggu "see seam-green" to create a livable mountain environment

People’s Network Beijing On August 24th, the "Dienien Remediation" has been carried out since the special actions of "rectification and improvement promotion", and more and more "small greenery" "pocket garden" in the door of the villagers in Beijing Pinggu District, "landing roots", letting the mountains In the quiet time, in every ordinary day, they are filled with happiness and joy.

In 2018, Xiongzhai Township, Pinggu District promoted the "removal" work in the "five-layer identity" method, and realized the goal of three years of task.

In 2019, 2020 exceeded the "removal" work task.

In 2021, he actively promoted the creation of "Basic None illegal Construction District", "removing and promoting" this lasting battle has gains a phased victory.

In order to further consolidate rectification achievements, prevent the occurrence of new banks, Xiongzhai Township adopts "seeing the green" governance concept of "seeing the green", put it from the illegal construction land of the people’s house, and creates a fine Small micro-landscape and practical venues.

It turned out that the chaotic firewood pile became self-contained "small greenery", and the environment of the environment that was repeatedly rectified into a "pocket garden".

After the masses have a rest place, environmental issues have also been cured, and the problem of parking is also resolved.

The current mountain hometown, the whole domain "touching" can "see green", "move" can "change", "green landscape", "green landscape" and "green function" combination to make Xiongzhai Township has both gorgeous "face" " Small micro-view perspectives create a "green street".

Small micro-leisure extends "green space".

Small micro functional districts play "green function". Improve the waste gallery, install the casual table and chairs, by repairing the update, with "green" as an element, make the "environmental protection" change fashion, create a cultural casual corridor, and make the villagers with natural scenery, let the villagers have more "green happiness feel".

Since the implementation of special rectification of Xiongzhai Township in Pinggu District, a total of 35 "Xiaowong Greenland" and "Pocket Garden" have been built, and 10 in the parking lot are reached. The coverage rate of all townships reaches%. Next, the Xiongzhai Township will explore the development path of farm travel, with the help of the green resources, build the "national tourism demonstration township" of Pinggu North, let the people in the city to enjoy the "exquisite and slow life" of the mountains. Green Water, Yueshan turns into Jinshan Yinshan, contributing to the "basic no illegal area" for Pinggu.

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