“Hey!Don’t stand silly,Hurry to the house”Wang Yihua said,Then returned。The nanny ran out and opened the big iron door,Xia Jian drove the car into the small courtyard。

After they sat down in the living room,Only then did Xia Jian ask Wang Yihuadao:“Where are you going?Don’t you usually go out?Your face is too pale”
Xia Jian’s series of question marks。Wang Yihua smiled and said:“You know that I am a person who eats vegetarian food,So don’t take part in anything outside。Of course,Sometimes I go out for a walk occasionally,Communicate with some fellow daoists”
Damn!The richest man in Qingshan County in the past,Now becomes like this,Xia Jian tells the truth,He really didn’t expect。
At this moment,The nanny brought the brewed tea,Xia Jian took a sip and said:“I’m getting married,I want to come over and invite Sister Wang to my house for two days”
“Hi!You!Should have been married long ago。Two years later,I’m going to kill some women again”Wang Yihua heard that Xia Jian was getting married,The complexion also changes,And then said such a sentence。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“See what Sister Wang said about me,I seem to be a monster”Fortunately, Xia Jian relieved himself,Otherwise the atmosphere will be embarrassing。
“I can not go,But I still have to bless you”Wang Yihua puts both hands together,Speak softly。
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Wang Yihua can make such a decision,Xia Jian had thought of it。Just as a former friend,He must do it in etiquette。
“I think you should go to Mr. Xia’s hometown for two days,This is good for your body and mood”The nanny on the side suddenly interjected and said。
Wang Yihua looked up at the babysitter and said:“I’ve been to Mr. Xia’s hometown,Which is a small mountain village,Nothing special。It’s just that Xia Jian invested in a lot of projects where they,This is a little expectation”
“Oh!I thought you forgot about it?I can tell you,Pingyang Town is different now from before。In addition to leisure agriculture,Leisure sightseeing outside。Flower planting from Zhangyang Village,And then to the farmhouse along the way。And the three main businesses of Xiping Village”