Novice Wang Shuai,Die a few times at most,He has a cautious character,Cherish life。

Xiao Xiao is in a bad mood,It’s time to enjoy driving fast,Suddenly changed to a car with a lot of power,It’s hard to rest assured。
Chen Wenjin won’t wait for Wang Shuai,Drove out。
Okay,Xiao Xiao drives slowly,About waiting for them,Also familiar with power by the way。
After a short while,Wang Shuai also followed。
Three cars on the road,Xiao Xiao leads,Turn left and right on city roads at will。
Unconsciously,It’s getting dark。
Shuai Wang drives less time,Ran for a while,I feel more and more comfortable,Dare to raise the speed,I think Xiao Xiao took care of him too slowly,Just speed up to lead the way。
Xiao Xiao, who was already under the control of speed, immediately let go of the restraints,Quickly surpassed Wang Shuai。
The latter is not far behind,but,Xiao Xiao is more familiar with it,Plus the performance of the car,Stay ahead with ease。
Faster,Can run away,Then he slowed down and waited for Wang Shuai to catch up,Accelerate again。
So alternately,Wang Shuai’s competitive heart is picked up,But can’t catch up,Seeing Chen Wenjin in the rearview mirror has been watching the show,I flashed the light when I saw Xiao Xiao,Slow down and stop by the road。
All three cars stopped,Wang Shuai drank some water and said:“Chen Wenjin, don’t be so boring!Just watch the play behind you,Not fun at all。You will lead,Xiao Xiao can keep up with you,I can also learn to follow。”