Demertion,Wei Xiaothid is not a fool,No matter how many sets,The other party will always come over.。Therefore, the words of the ancestors do make sense.,What he can do,Almost all done,leftover,Just look at you can hold it.。

“Come from,Look for high-rise,I have something to tell him.。”
The Light is ignored to the ancestors,Directly to the pro。
NS1191chapter Historical latent flow(superior)
The door of the bedroom is pushed open,Shanleo is a little surprised to see the Gao Baoyi who seems to have a little wine.,Men with the past,Slightly a little bit。
Less than a bit of stability,There are more than a few more than a unique sense of hair.。
“Are you waiting for me??”
Gao Bao is lightweight with a finger,Asked deeply。
Single gado originally wants to hear him,Immediately,It’s probably a can’t escape tonight.“Claw”,What do you mean by a hard one and two sentences??
The relationship between the two is about the point of today.,Again“Pure”if,Isn’t it disgusting?
“Yes,I am waiting for you to come back.。”
Shanleo said with some complaints。
“Hey-hey,you are mine,I will also be mine in the world.,All is mine!”
Gao Baoyi is difficult to cover up,If you don’t say it, you will have a rude to the bed.。
Darkness,Single gallo opened his eyes,Feel the micro light in the room。Gao Baoyi“Devastate”It’s no longer one or two,However, the other party wants to cover up today.,It’s true for the first time。
That is a strong conquest atmosphere!
Shanle galo can be clearly appreciated by Gao Baoyi’s ambition,seem,There is no jealous。Tonight is very crazy,In addition to the pleasure of happiness to die,There is also a unique weakness and unable to resist some women who are afraid of Shanleo.。
This is what she felt for the first time.,Weak,I am unable to change my situation,Can only live in the mood of the strong。
“You like this,Interested??”
Shanleo asked calm,She doesn’t know what she is thinking.,Probably the body’s desire is completely retracted,Brain in calm thinking,Finally, I didn’t get any answers.。
“I do not know either……But I feel very interesting.。”
Gao Bao said with satisfaction。
Shanleo decided not to entangle this problem.,Because it is really bored,Also there is no power to prevent Gao Bo Yi to do anything.。
Wang Lin’s thing,She is slightly heard。Qi Guofang,Gao Boyi status,Her heart is not completely complete。She can blame for the past,But she can’t consider it for her son.。
“Wang Lin has promised you??”
From Cai Mrs.,Shanli galo also knows what you care about。
“Be right,Two days,Army,I will let the Fu Fu send you and Wang Lin’s family.。I have arranged it over there.,You live alone in Anyang County, south of Yucheng,There is my seal,Nothing, what you don’t want to see。”
finally,Still can’t escape??
“This is better.,But I am definitely not entering the city.。I am also here.,How much is,So be it。”
The solo lone gagro suddenly remembered a strange question.。
When Yang Jian was,Everything I said.。Why do Gao Bi can make yourself?,And you can do all-round pressures for yourself?
Where is it different??
I thought about it for a long time.,Solitary,Probably the wise of Gao Baoyi、tough、Decisiveness to your appetite,Or call her is such a“Criminal”Woman。
“This time,Danger??”
Shanle galo has been touched by Gao Baoyi,Concern。Her heart is already installed by the man around,Just sometimes I don’t want to admit it.。
Only when you are intimate, your body can’t lie.。