If Master Gu Tang guards the Ancestral Dragon City State,I wish Minglang the big rock in my heart these days can finally fall。

A king-level swordsman is there,Even if there is a younger generation, I dare not make it again!
“Why do you forget where your brother came from?,Hao Ying Jian,It’s really rare for our swordsman,But for your brother’s family,Just a few pieces of good iron。”The old lady Jianzun said。
“Yes。”Zi Miaozhu said。
“Xiao Lang,You also know that Gu Tang has no other hobbies,Hi Hidden Sword,Haoyingjian can impress him。”The old lady Jianzun said。
“It could not be better,Tu Sun is about to go home and report safety,At that time I took the Haoying Sword,After returning to Zulong City State,I will send it to Master。”I wish Minglang salute again,Thanks for the help of the old lady。
“Grandpa, I’ll just move my lips,Since you are here,Just stay a few more days,The road to the imperial city is still far away,You come from Lichuan Dadi,Tired too,Just abandon the sword forest for some time,You go there to see what’s going on,Even if I thank Grandpa in reply。”The old lady Jianzun said。
“it is good,it is good。”Zhu Minglang nodded。
Jun-level powerhouse,Maybe not enough to deter all forces,But the prestige of the sword sect of the mountain is the most important。
As long as someone from the Sword Sect in Yaoshan sits there first,It can suppress most of the unsuspecting people,Greatly reduce the burden of Li Yunzi on the battlefield。
after all,If Rui Guo can’t attack for a long time,Certainly let some powerful people sneak into the army,There will also be villains in Sin City who are not ruled at all,Randomly plundering the Zulong city state……
“Is this your wife in Lichuan?,not bad,The vision is as good as Master。”Old lady Jianzun smiled,Looking at Nan Ling Shadao。
“Master,This is my wife’s sister。”Zhu Minglang explained。