The first domestic artificial breeding endanger species black leg white hip leaf monkey debut Guangzhou [6]

On November 10th, the first case of artificially breeding successful black legs and white hip lactus babies were met in Guangzhou Changlong Lingmei Research Center and the audience. The black legs white hip lactus baby was born in July this year.Because the survival rate of black legs, the survival rate of black and white hip, the domestic research and successful cases have few cases, in order to protect the successful survival of the monkey baby, the research center makeup learned from Sichuan Golden Mona-life experience, targeting the leaf monkeyPhysiological structure and digestive mode, explore a road of white hip leaf monkeys.

The white hip leaf monkey is listed by the World Nature League as one of the most endangered primate in the world. The number of wilders is less than 1,000, which causes the number of factors that cannot be recovered. It is currently relatively effective by artificial intervention.One of the methods.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Dawei photo.