Based on resource endowment to make a big special industry

In recent years, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to the construction of ecological civilization. Lu’an has always practiced the concept of "two mountains" and do a big specialty industry.

Today, Lu’an has become an important ecological barrier in the Yangtze River Delta, successfully created national forest city, national forest tourism demonstration city.

At the same time, six security resources endowments, in the Shali Mountain area in the south, build Lu’an Tea Valley. The tea pick, tea experience, tea, tea culture, tea leisure and scenic spots are integrated. This year’s output value reached more than 4 billion yuan, and the value of Liu’an Tea Valley brand was worth 100 million yuan.

Creating a Huaihuai ecological economic belt in the north along the region.

The comprehensive breeding of rice shrimp along the Huaihuai is more than 3 billion yuan.

In the Jianghuai watershed area, Jianghuaiuridge is built.

The construction of a facility orchard of 30,000 mu, 14 thousand acres of silica base, the output value of 2.6 billion yuan this year.

In the southwest, Xishan Pharmacy is created.

The cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines is 160,000 mu, 14 thousand acres of silica bases, and the annual output value of 6 billion yuan this year. On the cultivation of the main body, Liu’an implemented "138 + N" project, cultivated a batch of rural industrial development leaders, implement three models of scale management, main operations and one or two industries integration operations, developing and strengthening tea and other eight specialty leading industries , Achieve a comprehensive value of 36.6 billion yuan. Liu’an tourism resources are abundant, and the city’s tourism year has exceeded 30 billion yuan. 4 villages such as Daxie Village in Jinzhai County have successfully created beautiful and leisure countryside; Jinzhai County successfully created national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties; founded 5 agricultural industries such as Town, Taiping, Huoshan County.

Six security construction characteristics. Liu’an melon tablets, Huoshan yellow bud enters the Chinese European Geographic Sign agreement to mutual insurance products list; 109 non-pollution-free agricultural products, 502 green food, and 22 organic agricultural products, and 9 agricultural product geographical symbols. (Editor: Fan Xiaolin, Li Vang) Sharing let more people see.