5380 meters above sea level, full of spring warm

Original title: 5380 meters above sea level, the spring is warm, and the new hot pot is looked at, and the reporter’s appetite is open. On the table, on the side of the dumpling, the bottom of the rolled red oil, one side is all kinds of ingredients, especially the large plate of green lettuce, oil wheat vegetables, etc., let people look. At this time, Wang Gong, who cook, Wang Gang, handed over a tomato: "Come, first eat a meal fruit, open the stomach.

"Previously, all the way bumps have already been hungry.

It can be thought of, this is a fairy bay of 5380 meters above sea level, fresh fruits and vegetables are rare, and the reporters are somewhat not.

It seems to see our "carefulness", Wang Gang smiled and said: "It is enough to pick it up." The reporter took some skeptical and suspended the tomato, the juice flowed down, really fresh! " "Snowy Plateau is so fresh vegetables?" Asked the reporter.

"Let me have a meal again!" The officers sold a close, leaving a suspense.

  At 9 o’clock in the evening, the instructor Li Shifu took us, wrapped in a thick coat, walked out of the team. "Wow, it’s really beautiful!" It was a starry sky, a shining star "hang" in front of the eyes, as if it reaches your hand. Under the starry sky, we stepped on the thick snow, and went to the foot of the mountain near the camp to come to a beige cabin building. One lifted, I saw the "Artificial Optical Vegetable Factory" 8 large characters in the box.

"The moment of witness the miracle is here!" Li Shifu said with a smile. Entering the box, rushing on the spring, a row of vegetables reflects the green rays under the light of the light. Not much for a while, the reporter is slightly sweating, and the thick coat can not worry.

  The day-to-day operation of "vegetable factory" is responsible for the team of crossing. He tells us that the temperature of the box can be set through the computer system, and the constant temperature system always maintains the compartment, and the irrigation system can accurately control water speed and water.

  At the scene, let Li Shifu are quite gratifying: "After the ‘vegetable factory’ ‘", many’ Jiao You ‘vegetables were sent to the plateau officers and men. "The officers and soldiers gave reporters a past event. In the past, the company organized everyone to attack the customs, repeated trials, and the vegetables found in the large shed were not only a long period of growth, but also grow sharply.

  The reporter learned that Xinjiang Military Region has focused on the application of container "vegetable plants" in more than 3,000 meters or more, in recent years, ensuring that officers and men can eat self-produced vegetables in the four seasons.

  On October 25 last year, Shenxian Bay border is officially built into the top "vegetable factory" altitude. One month later, Shenxian Bay borderly produced the first batch of 110 kilograms of vegetables. Now, the average daily vegetable volume of the company is stable in more than 10 kilograms, and there is a space for further production. "The greenhouse greenhouse can only calculate the production model of agriculturalization, which is planting vegetables; ‘vegetable factory’ is an industrial production model, is ‘智 造’ vegetables …" Talking about the prospects, the officers and soldiers are talking. From everyone’s happiness, the reporter seems to see the Plateau’s more beautiful tomorrow.

(Zhang Kejin Zhang Qiang) (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Yan Yan) Sharing let more people see.